We think it’s more than amazing to go outside and get your sunshine on.  So below we’ve listed allllll of the roller skate outdoor wheels we can think of.  Two frequent questions we get regarding outdoor wheels include, but certainly aren’t limited to:  Why do I need outdoor wheels?  Aren’t my super rad indoor wheels cool enough to be seen in pure daylight?  Outdoor wheels are specifically made to take on the rougher terrain we call Mother Nature.  They are softer, between 78A and 85A, which means, you hit a rock, you’re staying upright (no face planting for you!  Yay!!).  The softer wheels soak up the excessive vibrations (darn asphalt) and disperse that energy outwards, and opposed to using a harder wheel (say your fancy, cool indoor wheels), which send those vibrations right to your joints (Ouch!!).  Outdoor wheels are meant to soften your ride, smooth your glide, and keep you cruisin’ ’til that sun of ours goes down (unless you have Luminous wheels!).  In search of the perfect outdoor wheel?  We have no doubt you’ll find it here.

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