Outdoor Quad Skate Wheels

Skating outside on concrete, asphalt, cement or sidewalks can be a great way to experience nature and get some exercise. Outdoor skating requires wheels designs for the inevitable wear and tear that these rough surfaces will present to your quad skate wheels. If you choose to use indoor wheels on your skates outside, you will find that they will wear out and probably be destroyed after a few miles of skating. Outdoor skate wheels are a must if you skate outside. We offer some of the best brands of outdoor quad skate wheels by BankRoll, Mota, Atom, and Radar. The wheels listed below are durable, stylish, and intended to give plenty of rebound and flex while dealing with cracks, sidewalks, and rough surfaces you will find outside.

Outdoor quad skate wheels are specifically designed to provide better grip, shock absorption, and durability on rough or uneven outdoor surfaces. They are typically larger and softer than indoor quad skate wheels, with a larger diameter and lower durometer rating.

The larger size of outdoor quad skate wheels helps to provide better speed and momentum on rough surfaces, while the softer material helps to absorb shock and provide better traction on asphalt, concrete, or other outdoor surfaces. Some outdoor quad skate wheels may also have a more aggressive tread pattern to provide better grip on rough surfaces.

In addition to size and hardness, outdoor quad skate wheels may also be available in a variety of colors and designs to suit personal style preferences. It is important to choose the right wheels for the type of outdoor skating you will be doing, as well as your skill level and personal preferences, in order to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience.

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