Skateboard Wheels

Wheels are a very important piece of any skateboard setup. The right wheels can make your tricks work or not and can provide a smooth or rough ride. Don’t know where to start? Check out our article on How to Choose the Best Skateboard Wheels for you skateboarding style. Once you snag some awesome new wheels, grab a set of great skateboard bearings to go in them!

Skateboard wheels are the circular components of a skateboard that attach to the skateboard trucks and allow the rider to roll and maneuver the board. They are typically made of polyurethane and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hardness levels to suit different types of skating and skaters of different skill levels.

Skateboard wheels range in size from as small as 49mm to as large as 75mm or more, with smaller wheels being more maneuverable and larger wheels providing greater speed and stability. The hardness of skateboard wheels is measured on the durometer scale, typically ranging from 78A (soft) to 101A (hard), with the most common hardness range for street skating being between 99A and 101A.

The shape of skateboard wheels can also vary, with some wheels featuring a rounded or conical shape for improved speed and performance, while others have a more square or beveled shape for greater grip and control.

Choosing the right skateboard wheels depends on the type of skating being done, as well as the rider’s skill level and personal preferences. Skaters who primarily ride on smooth surfaces, such as skateparks or indoor surfaces, may prefer harder, faster wheels, while those who ride on rougher surfaces, such as streets or sidewalks, may prefer softer, more cushioned wheels for a smoother ride. Additionally, the size and shape of the wheels can also affect performance and maneuverability, so riders should consider their individual needs and style when choosing skateboard wheels.






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