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Your skates need to work for your skating style and provide the comfort that your body deserves. So when you need a little more give or stiffness in your otherwise favorite pair of skates, Arius Butterfly Cushions have the solution. And in fact, they offer six solutions to meet every skater’s needs. These high-quality urethane butterfly-shaped cushions are color-coordinated to designate their softness. Each set of four comes in a tin with a color-coded label for easy identification. The list below starts with the softest option and increase to the hardest.

• Aqua (74A)
• White (80A)
• Light Blue (83A)
• Yellow-Green (86A)
• Red (92A)
• Hot Pink (95A)

When you select the proper cushion to meet your style and type of skating, these tiny pieces of urethane will completely eliminate the stress points in your skates. That means hours of fun, exercise, and enjoyment without the worry of aching feet or abrasions. These are the perfect choice for all Arius Red plates and Arius NTS plates. You will be amazed at how this small but innovative piece of urethane can improve your skating.

Features of Arius Butterfly Cushions:

  • High-quality urethane construction
  • Each set is four cushions explicitly designed for Arius plates
  • Available in a variety of densities
  • Eliminates stress points in your favorite skates
  • Packaging and cushions are color-coded to denote the density

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Cushion Hardness

Aqua (74A), White (80A), Light Blue (83A), Yellow-Green (86A), Red (92A), Hot Pink (95A)

Sizing Information


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