CIB – Chicks In Bowls Reckless Skate Wheels (4-pack)



Bearings are sold in packs of 16! 1 set of bearings covers 8 wheels!

Skate wheels require 2 bearings per wheel. 16 for skates. 8 for skateboards. Get a bearing tool to remove or install bearings.

Save 25% on tool prices! Choose a Devaskation 3-way tool for working on skates & skateboards. Get a Bankroll Bearing Snatcher to install/remove bearings from wheels.

Most of our wheels are sold in 4 packs. Skates need 8 wheels! Skateboards need 4 wheels! Double-check your wheel quantity. Inline Wheels are typically sold individually.

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When you want to hit the skate park, Reckless has your back! The CIB (Chicks in Bowls) wheels from Antik are the new way to take your ramp and vert game to the next level. Perfectly designed for freestyle and ramp skating, these wheels were made after years of research and development from skaters like the CIB team out of New Zealand. The 58mm 101a Ramp Wheels have amazing acceleration for more air and longer slide. The 58mm Park are 98a and give the slip vs grip factor you have been looking for with lower chance of “flat spots”. Take it to the street with the ultra fast and rugged 55mm 98a Street wheels and show the city what your quads are made of. Need to up your game even more? Preorder the brand new Vertex wheels! These wheels will take your skating to new heights. This is CIB’s tallest, hardest wheel to date and is designed to maintain motion and achieve maximum speed to hit new vertical heights. So when you’re taking your skating to new heights and you need a wheel that will increase your velocity, the Vertex is what you need for big bowls and vert ramps to sustain energy and drive speed.

  • Street 55mm – 98A
  • Park 58mm – 98A
  • Vertex 61mm – 103A

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Street 55mm – 95A
Park 58mm – 98A
Ramp 58mm – 101A
Vertex 61mm – 103A

Wheel Size

55mm – 98A, 58mm – 98A, 61mm – 103A

Wheel Qty

4 Pk, 8 pk

Sizing Information


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