Custom Hand Painted Skates – Roller and Ice


Set your skates apart from the rest! Custom paint job for your skates! Please Read FULL description below. Once you have selected the desired design template, please confirm the image above.


By checking the box below, you agree that the artist’s final product is based on a digital design that you must approve and that there could be a slight difference between the digital design and the final product. You agree that all custom designs are non-refundable, unless you cancel before the artist starts working. You will have a chance to review the custom job on a digitally rendered image to ensure the design you have in mind is something the artist can do. If you and the artist cannot agree on a design that is suitable, we will refund your payment.

By checking the box below, you agree that there is a 2-3 week timeline for custom paint jobs. Timeline begins once the artist receives your skates at River Roll Skate Center.

Included in the price is a $50 design fee that is non-refundable. Once you submit your artwork and request a digital design from the artist, you will have 3 chances to make changes. There are no refunds for this $50 charge once the process is started.

Earn up to 250 Points.


Devaskation is the leader when it comes to fully customized roller skates. We now offer custom, hand-painted designs for your skates. Do you want a pattern, picture, or logo on your skates? Do you want your skates to glow in the dark or glow under a black light? We have you covered! We can paint roller skates and Ice skates!

We have partnered with a local artist to bring your skate design dreams to you. Customization is only limited by your imagination. You may choose a design as represented in the pictures below or alter the design in any way. A digital rendering of your design will be submitted for approval prior to beginning any artwork. Paintwork will be performed as closely to the digital image as possible however, certain unforeseen circumstances may dictate minor changes as necessary.

We suggest that new skates are fitted before you send them in to be custom paints. The last thing you want to do is order new skates and pay for a custom paint job, only to find out the skates don’t fit! Make sure you’ve tried your skates on before you pay to have them painted!

White skates are the preferred color to begin custom artwork, but black skates are popular and we can still customize them. Paintwork can be performed over other colors and will be evaluated individually during the design process. Skates need to be in new or “like new” condition. We will not repair any existing damage to skates. Painting over any scuff, scratches or other damage may compromise the integrity of the paintwork.

The custom painting process begins by gently removing the factory finish off the skates and preparing them for proper adhesion. Once the the skates have been prepped, an adhesion promoter is applied where necessary. Then your choice of design is applied using an airbrush and the highest quality paint on the market. After the paintwork is complete, a final acrylic topcoat is applied in your choice of finish. The final product is extremely durable, scratch and water resistant.

Artwork shown on the website is only a digital representation of the design unless otherwise noted.

Full Process and Timeline:
1. Purchase a custom paint job (this product).
2. Send design ideas, images, descriptions, and artwork ideas to [email protected] along with your order number and name.
3. You will get a digital representation of the artwork from the artist. Once your design is approved and agreed upon, ship your skates to River Roll Skate center in Riverside, MO.
4. There is a 2-3 week timeframe for custom paint jobs, but it typically doesn’t take that long.
5. We will ship the skates back to you once they’re done!

All custom skate jobs are non-refundable. The artist may use his own interpretation of your design images, logos, and ideas to complete the project. Please communicate with the artist and be as specific as possible so that your skates come out the way you like!

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Aurora, Blaze, Hazy, Ombre, Starry Night, Tangled, NO – I Will Submit Own Image

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