Infinity Soda Pop Adjustable Kids Quad Skate


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Infinity Skates offers skates for kids and when they released the “Soda Pop” things got tasty! Because the Infinity skate is size adjustable, you can adjust the skate size to span 4 different sizes. Of course, growing children will make quick work of a skate that doesn’t grow with them, so this skate is ideal for a growing child because you will not have to keep buying new skates after every growth spurt. Turn a small lever on the back of the boot to adjust the sizing. It’s easy! This mechanism allows you to make sliding micro-adjustments, which means that you can set the fit anywhere within the size range, giving you a custom and perfect fit. The unique functionality of the adjustable sizing on the infinity skate is superior to other adjustable roller skates, which only allow you to set the sizing to whole shoe sizes.

The Soda Pop is also unique because its size adjustment system is completely internal. This means that nothing is visible to interfere with its classic retro style. Other competing products use external adjustment systems, which look awkward and ugly.

The Soda Pop is available in 7 different colors:
– Blue Blast (Glitter Blue)
– Cherry Cruise (Glitter Red)
– Go Go Grape (Glitter Purple)
– Tutti Frutti Twist (Glitter Lime Green)
– Bubblegum Bounce (Glitter Light Purple)
– Strawberry Slide (Glitter Pink)
– Cola Roller (Black)

Features of the Infinity Soda Pop Skate:

  • SIZE ADJUSTABLE ? These Roller Skates adjust to fit 4 different shoe sizes to ensure that you get a custom fit.
  • READY TO ROLL ? The urethane wheels let you use these retro-styled skates on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS ? Our extra supportive high-cut boots are perfect for those just learning to skate.
  • TIME FOR FUN ? This quad skate is a great way to introduce your kids to roller derby, street skating or laps around the roller rink.
  • SEVEN COLORS ? The Soda Pop is available in Blue Blast, Cherry Cruise, Cola Roller, Go Go Grape, Tuttie Frutti Twist, Bubblegum Bounce and Strawberry Slide.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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