Keenso Ice Skate Blade Guards


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When you want the ultimate protection for your ice skate blades and yourself, the Keenso Ice Skate Blade Guards should be the only product you consider. These protective guards fit ice hockey and figure skate blades of all sizes because they adjust to precisely fit each blade. A metal spring in the center of the guard allows them to form fit for exceptional blade protection. And when you walk off the ice with the Keenso Ice Skate Blade Guards on your skates, you will have very stable footing while eliminating the potential of damage to your skates. This amazing one-size-fits-all innovation is offered in three colors, orange, blue, and black. Don’t risk dulling your blades on concrete or other hard surfaces or falling due to a cheap and ineffective skate blade guard. Your blades will also be well protected when you store them as the guards’ holes allow all of the moisture to drain away from the blades to prevent corrosion damage.

Features of Keenso Ice Skate Blade Guards:

  • Adjustable To Fit All Skate Sizes
  • Moisture Drains Away From Blades
  • Secure And Stable To Walk Off The Ice
  • Choice Of Three Colors
  • Spring Loaded For Secure Fit

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Black, Orange, Sky Blue

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