Luminous LED Quad Skate Wheels (4-pack)

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Sold in 4 packs. You can mix/match your colors by choose 2 different colored 4 packs.


Bearings are sold in packs of 16! 1 set of bearings covers 8 wheels!

Skate wheels require 2 bearings per wheel. 16 for skates. 8 for skateboards. Get a bearing tool to remove or install bearings.

Save 25% on tool prices! Choose a Devaskation 3-way tool for working on skates & skateboards. Get a Bankroll Bearing Snatcher to install/remove bearings from wheels.

Most of our wheels are sold in 4 packs. Skates need 8 wheels! Skateboards need 4 wheels! Double-check your wheel quantity. Inline Wheels are typically sold individually.

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Light up your world with these amazing Luminous LED Quad Skate Wheels!  As you cruise, these LED wheels light up and cause the exterior color to glow magnificently — illuminating your every move! These wheels are extremely popular for all kinds of skaters.  You can use these wheels indoors or outdoors and the wheels fit most modern roller quad skates.  Keep in mind that you can mix/match colors to get more style.  Luminous has also released a few Glow-in-the-Dark models that glow AND light up with LEDs. These are “White Glow” and “Green Glow”.

These wheels are available in many different colors including Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Pink Glitter, Purple, Red, White, Glitter, Black Pearl, White Glow, Green Glow, and Yellow. All Luminous quad wheels have a hardness rating of 85A.  They sell as a four pack, so feel free to mix and match too!  Be a light in the world and glow the night away!  These wheels are sold in 4 packs and need 8mm bearings (most modern bearings are 8mm).

Luminous wheels function with a magnetic centerpiece that sits between the bearings and lights up the LEDs. This piece is included with all Luminous wheels. Please be careful when installing bearings because if you damage the center piece or install the bearings improperly the wheels might not light up. Feel free to choose “install my bearings” as an option and we will make sure the wheels work before shipping.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Wheel Color

All Star, Black, Black Pearl, Blue, Blue Glow, Cotton Candy, Galaxy, Glitter, Glitter Pink, Green, Green Glow, Jade Glitter, Night Sky, Orange, Pink, Purple, Purple Haze, Red, Sunray Glow, White, White Glow, Yellow

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15 reviews for Luminous LED Quad Skate Wheels (4-pack)

  1. Amber

    I have the white ones and they are wonderful. You can find me very easy on a crowded rink they are that good.

  2. carmen

    I ordered orange and yellow wheels and I love them.

  3. Uncle Jamm/AJS INC

    In my “Rock voice” FINALLY AFTER 10 yrs I got my wheels in my Red -White and Blue Outfit and the Rink Love it!

  4. Vanessa

    Got the red and green and they’re so pretty. Devastation installed the bearings which I really appreciated. Customer service was also very good and my order came fast!

  5. helenita123 (verified owner)

    Most likely, the funnest wheels on earth! So bright! So fancy!

  6. Judy Li (verified owner)

    Devastation’s customer service is truly the best!! I ordered several packs of these wheels and they shipped out super quick! The quality of the wheels are fantastic and installing bearings was pretty easy too, even for a first-timer! I found that one of the wheels was missing a magnet (this is a manufacturer issue, not the sellers) and emailed Devaskation Sales team about it. They responded within 12 hours to correct the situation! I’m just over the moon with the wheels and with Devaskation!!

  7. Nehemiah J. (verified owner)

    I’ve had the green ones for a while and frankly I am quite surprised! The hardness of the wheels makes them good for both indoors and outdoors and I just ordered a second set of white glow ones! I am definitely looking forward to more…

  8. Lisa B. (verified owner)

    I ordered the green glow wheels and they did not disappoint! They glow in the dark and light up! Devaskation added bearings for me, so when they arrived I put them on my skates with ease and was ready to roll. I am going to order more of these in the future and I will order them from Devaskation. They arrived quickly and loved the additional bearing service they offered!

  9. MaryLou Shearer (verified owner)

    Where do I start?! First off love the wheels. I have purchased Green, Purple and Pink. I just keep going back. They light up beautifully! I researched for the best rated light up wheels and these are them! Buy with confidence here also. The staff here are awesome! Anytime I needed help they were there. You can’t got wrong buying from Devaskation nor with Luminous wheels. I just wish luminous would get with it and produce a good amount of those pearl wheels! I’m sure you can tell what my next set are going to be….. 🙂

  10. Alberto N. (verified owner)

    I have the Sure-Grip Boardwalks in red soni obviously had to get these in red as well. They did not disappoint at all! I definitely recommend them. They look amazing at night while I’m skating. I’ll be purchasing more of these to start mixing it up a bit.

  11. Hailey Hagaman (verified owner)

    I ordered the yellow and orange wheels and I am beyond happy with them! Also, I will never order my skate stuff from anywhere else anymore. The shipping was super fast, they literally shipped out the night I ordered! Great experience overall.

  12. Eden B. (verified owner)

    I love these colorful luminous wheels! They light up when activated by the spinning motion. They’re bright and perfect for evening skate sessions.

  13. chrisrod72 (verified owner)

    Great wheels. Just bought a new pair of skates and the wheels that came with them were not great quality. When I replaced with Luminous wheels, my ride is so much smoother. The lights are so cool too!

  14. Dorianne H. (verified owner)

    Super excited to finally have these wheels. They are so bright and easy to ride. Plus, they came in earlier than expected!

  15. Milanka P. (verified owner)

    These wheels are beautiful. Stunning even. I have several quad skates with yummy wheels (pink radar energy, blue fundeas, custom dyed even) but when they are all lined up – these wheels get the first, second and third look. And this is without them lighted up!
    I got the green and the blue ones and they make me think about the ocean, sky and everything ethereally blue and green. Yes, these wheels are that ‘powerful’. 😀 Performance wise, they are also great. They slide more across than the radar energy, but are not as stable in my opinion. They are more stable than the fundeas, but not as nimble. So, to me they are perfect for outside cruising and occasional trick. So, no such thing as a perfect wheel. That’s why we need 1 of each…:D
    Thank you Devaskation for being so cool, reasonable and fast.

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