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Since first opening their doors, Mota Skate Company has been revolutionizing the quad skate industry with every new product and show no sign of slowing down! When you skate Mota, you’ll get a crazy responsive, lightweight and great looking boot with little to no break-in period that won’t break down or wear out. They even come pre-marked with centerline offsets for perfect and easy mounting every time. The technology, comfort and attention to detail are unparalleled! Whether it’s derby, fitness, rinks or just fun cruising, the Mota Boots are a treasure trove of the features skaters can’t get enough of.

Boot Options:

Mota Max Air – The Mota Max Air takes a fantastic boot and makes it even better. The new boot takes the anatomically-shaped base that made the Mojo such a favorite and cranks the features up to the max! How could that be?  What did they do? Well, for starters, the Max Air gives you the comforting support and protection of a high top boot and then adds greater range of motion with a low tendon cutout. If you thought the Mojo was comfy, wait until you slide into the pre-shaped, form-fitting and double lace looped tongue and heat-moldable narrow heel and barefoot-feel toebox of microfiber-lined nirvana. The included ergonomic footbeds will give you more cushion for the pushin’ with their 2mm toe rise and fantastic metatarsal, arch, and heel cup support. Feet freaks rejoice!

Mota Metcon Carbon – Mota Skate Company has revolutionized the quad skate industry yet again. They have continued to push the boundaries of performance, comfort, and style with the Mota Metcon Carbon Quad Boot. The Metcon Carbon just doesn’t push a boundary, it also breaks barriers (mwaaah-haha). With no excuses, the Mota Metcon Boot is un-a-pol-o-ge-tic-ally beautiful. This extra low top boot is structurally shaped around the collar for maximum ability and agility. Having an ergonomic footbed with a 2mm toe raise, arch and heel cup support that promotes easy moldability for your toe-toes comfort (and reduces blisters), this boot is sensational. The Metcon Carbon comes standard with a wide lace system to accommodate narrow and wide feet with a pre-shaped tongue that has two lace loops to keep that thang in place. So if you like skating barefoot, jamming out, or even cruising, these pretty thangs will sure be the best thing you ever laid your eyes on.

Mota Metcon – The Mota Metcon Quad Boot has the visual performance, comfort, and style, but wait until you ride! With no excuses, the Mota Metcon boot is defiant, alluring, and affordable. This extra low top boot is structurally shaped around the collar for maximum capability and dexterity. Having an arch and heel cup support that promotes easy flex for your precious toes’ comfort. The shell for this boot is heat moldable for a truly perfect fit every time you ride and features that will blow your mind with amazing comfort. The Metcon has a wide lace system to shelter narrow and wide feet with a pre-molded tongue that has two lace loops to keep that tongue from flapping in the breeze like a dogs head out of a car window. So, if you like skating freely, jammin out with your headphones on, or even just going to the store around the block, these dope skates will make you cry with the happiest emotions.

Mota Mojo – The Mota Mojo Boot does not just push a boundary, it breaks a barrier, and that is price. With no sacrifices and no excuses, the Mota Mojo boot is unapologetically beautiful and affordable. The Nylon Smart Shell is designed as an exoskeleton of the foot creating flexibility where needed without decreasing the rigidity that is demanded of a high-performance boot. This shell is heat moldable for a truly perfect fit every time and features the first adjustable heal counter. The boot was formed using an anatomically correct foot shape or Last. Unlike many other boots, the toe box has been widened and designed with a true fit shape that gives greater control and comfort. The technology and attention to detail are unparalleled! The nearly unbreakable Nylon/Glass shell is amazingly lightweight at just (size 8) 353g and comes pre-marked with centerline offsets for perfect and easy mounting every time.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 Year from Manufacturer

Mota Boot

Mota Mojo, Mota Metcon, Mota Metcon Carbon, Mota Max Air

Boot Size

Size 4.5, Size 5, Size 5.5, Size 6, Size 6.5, Size 7, Size 7.5, Size 8, Size 8.5, Size 9, Size 9.5, Size 10, Size 10.5, Size 11, Size 11.5, Size 12

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