Moto Deluxe Bearings (16-pack)

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Sold in packs of 16.

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Moto Deluxe Bearings are built to the highest specifications and constructed from the best parts available. These bearings are tested and skate rated, meaning that they will withstand the roughness skating brings. Like all Moto Bearings these are pre-spun to ensure there is no funky break-in period. These bearings are made with high precision races, hardened steel balls, delrin retainers, and a light lubrication for a smooth and fast roll. These are sold in 16 packs.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in



1 Year form Manufacturer

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3 reviews for Moto Deluxe Bearings (16-pack)

  1. Discofries

    I purchased a set of Antiks with these bearing as part of the package — they are incredible. Smooth and continuous roll. so fast, I bought some Qube juice bearings a few weeks later for alternate wheels and they paled in comparison to these babies. Worth every penny and will increase you level of play.

  2. Skaterboi

    good bearings. they didnt free spin even close to as long as shown in the bearing test video, but as you may or may not know, free spin has almost zero indication of how good a bearing skates.

    Moto Deluxe bearings (at least my set) are completely silent. Kind of weird. They make absolutely no sound, even with my ear right up near the wheel when its spinning fast… nothing.

    Smooth roll, but they don’t seem any faster than the 10 cent bearings that came with my skates.

    You also may or may not know, but there is little difference between top of the line full ceramics (like not even bones swiss ceramics, I’m talking completely ceramic races, shields, balls, and cages running zero lubricant costing 1000 dollars for 16) but if you are in the top levels of speed skating, where 5% faster is the difference between first and last place, bearings matter.

  3. Steph

    These are one of the best bearing sets I’ve ever bought. Right outta the package these bad boys are ready to make moves. Highly recommend these. All the other bearings I’ve bought aren’t even close to what these other cats are selling

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