Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

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Enjoy a smooth ecstatic ride on your skating board with the Oldboy premium bearings. No need to slow down, no need to worry about durability.

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Oldboy Ceramic Skate Bearings

Everything is intact with these Ceramic skate bearings at hand. Definitely, a better choice than metallic ones.

Featuring a set of eight pieces, they are heavily pre-lubricated to alleviate friction drag, wear and tear for smooth motion while skating on pavement or in a skating park. This way, its working life is extended to service you to the maximum. Regardless of how fast you ride, the bearings offer great performance.

Highly versatile, these stunning skate bearings are ideal for not only skating boards but also scooters, hockey skate wheels, inline, rollerblades, and quads. Each bearing has seven ceramic balls in a steel ring, all encased in nylon.

The ceramic material is crafted from sturdy polished glass balls. It is preferred to the steel type because of its resistance to rust and scratches. The ceramic skate bearings’ dimension is 7X22x8 mm.

They come packaged in a nice pyramid-shaped box for excellent vibration. They provide easy cleanup and lube application. Order yours today on your shopping spree. Do not miss out on enjoyable rides!

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1 review for Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

  1. craggalicia1313

    Been skating these now for a few weeks and I will never switch back to metal bearings, I was sceptical at first as to wether ceramics would make that much of a difference but I had my answer after 30 seconds on the board they are smoother faster and feel so much better than my old bearings. I had always skated bones reds before and will never give a negative review on bones reds as they have served me well for years. But I took a swing at ceramics when I saw how reasonably priced the old boy ceramics are but I’m so glad I took a punt on them….well played guys you knocked it clean out of the park with these im very impressed (as you can probably tell).

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