Reckless Morph Solo Derby Wheels

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In love with the original Reckless Morph wheels, but wish they had a single durometer line? You’re in luck! The Legendary Reckless Morph Wheel is back in the Morph Solo single durometer wheels. Same fantastic performance and quality you expect from the Moph name but in specialized single durometer wheels Link Core technology provides a light weight and ultra-stiff core for responsiveness. A solid edge gives superior control.

These wheels are discontinued and on clearance.  Only a few left!  You can try the new New Reckless Morph Wheels if you like!

Reckless Morph Solo Durometer / Color Guide:

88 Orange (Out of Stock)
91 Yellow (Out of Stock)
93 Blue (Out of Stock)
95 Dark Yellow (Out of Stock)
97 Blue (LIMITED)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Slim 59MM X 38MM

Wheel Hardness



Each wheel is rated at two hardnesses, determined by color:

Green Core – 84A (pink) and 88A (orange),

Pink Core – 88A (orange) and 91A (yellow),

Purple Core – 88A (orange) and 93A (blue),


4pk, 8pk

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