Riedell 625 Soar Beginner Figure Skates

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Riedell 625 Soar Beginner Figure Skate offers a sleek modern comfort for the beginner and recreational skater. These beginner-level skates have a foam-backed velvet lining with durable maintenance-free uppers that keep feet comfortable through hours of continuous skating. These skates feature a lightweight PVC sole that makes for simple skate care. These skates offer just the right amount of support to keep your ankles safe while allowing you to move freely on the ice. Boot Support Level 20 – Light.

Features of the Riedell 625 Soar Figure Skate:

  • These modern ice skates have a comfortable design and a simple lacing system to keep your feet feeling fresh. These soft figure skates provide extra comfort with their foam-backed velvet lining for carefree skating. Check Sizing Chart for best fit.
  • This ice skate set offer light support to keep you stable on the ice while allowing for freedom of movement. These boots have a split tongue design and durable maintenance-free uppers to provide support and add comfort. Support rating is 20 (Scale 1-100)
  • These women’s beginner ice skates have safety in mind by adding extra padded linings for cushioning. Designed with a lightweight PVC sole, these boots keep your feet dry for hours of use.
  • These ladies recreational ice boots offer the perfect amount of support for the new beginner or casual skater. The 625 Soar gives a great performance whether on a rink or a pond.
  • These Riedell ice shoes come with stainless steel blades that give you a smooth glide on the ice. By offering great handling and speed, these skates work for everything from figure skating to hockey.

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