Rollerbones Bearings (16-pack) – FREE BankRoll Bearing Oil

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Sold in packs of 16. Limited Time FREE BankRoll Bearing Oil with purchase.

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Rollerbones Bearings have a great roll for any surface, but they are extremely popular with outdoor roller skaters and skateboarders. They are smooth and silent. They do not have an official abec rating, but we would guess they are Abec-3 or Abec-5. Like most bearings, they are made in China. Sold in packs of 16.

Features of RollerBones Bearings:

  • 16 Pack of 8mm Bearings – Enough for One Pair of Skates
  • Lubricated with Low Viscosity Bones Speed Cream
  • Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible
  • Removable High Speed Nylon Ball Cages
  • Fast, Long Lasting, Easy to Clean

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in


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Bankroll Bearing Snatcher, Devaskation 3-Way Skate Tool, No Thanks, PowerDyne Y3 Skate Tool, PowerDyne Y4 Skate Tool



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5 reviews for Rollerbones Bearings (16-pack) – FREE BankRoll Bearing Oil

  1. Sandy S.

    I had always heard good things about Bones bearings so I decided to try them. I really liked these bearings. They were great for my skates and eventually my sons skates. They roll nicely and they are pretty durable.

  2. BennyJ

    made this purchase with my new wheels and i love it. fast shipping and perfect transaction.

  3. Bagitup


  4. GeeWillikers

    First time shopper at devaskation and I’m really happy. I’m leaving my old shop because they never answer the phone! Dan took care of me and threw in some freebies!

  5. Battlestar2

    BEST PRICE ONLINE! Just call!

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