Seba TRIX2 80 Skates



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The Seba Trix2 80 is designed for the fitness or city skater who wants speed, maneuverability and comfort. These are the second generation skates by SEBA with the Trix name. The boots are a carbon fiber and fiberglass blend, that provide good lateral support with optimal front and back movement. The TRIX2 80 is light, stiff and responsive to the demands of the skater. This skate helps you obtain good speed, with control and comfort. Fully customizable color kits available.

  • FRAMES: X2R Rockerable Frames 243mm 4×80 wheels
  • WHEELS: Street Kings 80mm/85A
  • PLATE: 7 Hole Energy Plate
  • LINERS: Integrated
  • USE: Freestyle, Fitness, City Skating, Grand Tourism

Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 Year Warranty


EU35/USM4, EU36/USM4.5, EU37/USM5, EU38/USM6, EU39/USM7, EU40/USM7.5, EU41/USM8, EU42/USM9, EU43/USM10, EU44/USM10.5, EU45/USM11, EU46/USM12, EU47/USM13, EU48/USM13.5

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