Sure-Grip Aerobic Wheels

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Outdoor skating is a great way to get exercise, commute around town, and to enjoy your local parks! Having the right wheels for outdoor skating can make it more enjoyable and safer. The Sure-Grip Aerobic wheels are the perfect match.

Many people underestimate the safety factor of using outdoor wheels when skating outside. The large size and soft material allow a skater to roll over cracks and small rocks with much less likelihood of the wheels suddenly stopping causing them to fall. They also have much more grip and can negotiate slippery surfaces with much less chance of sliding, making them great for kids and beginners. Traditional hard indoor wheels can also “chip” and become misshaped on rough surfaces where as the soft nature of these wheels prevents that.
With an 85A hardness rating, Sure-Grip Aerobic wheels are a perfect choice for outdoor skating. They come in black for the traditionalist, and orange, red, purple, green, yellow, blue, and pink for those who want to take it up a notch.

These wheels come in one size – 62mm x 38mm

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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4 reviews for Sure-Grip Aerobic Wheels

  1. Peanut

    These are actually pretty hard, despite being "outdoor" wheels.

  2. madison

    not good for skating on asphalt, but work great on concrete and sportcourt

  3. Kitty

    Our derby team doesn’t have a permanent practice space right now so we use these to practice on a tennis court. We love em!

  4. Juidith

    these wheels work pretty good

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