TKO Racing Inline Skate Wheels



Bearings are sold in packs of 16! 1 set of bearings covers 8 wheels!

Skate wheels require 2 bearings per wheel. 16 for skates. 8 for skateboards. Get a bearing tool to remove or install bearings.

Save 25% on tool prices! Choose a Devaskation 3-way tool for working on skates & skateboards. Get a Bankroll Bearing Snatcher to install/remove bearings from wheels. Or, pick up the BankRoll Tool kit with 3 tools and Bankroll Bearing Oil

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TKO is a brand made by Doug and Julie Glass — world class speed skaters. These TKO Racing Inline Wheels were designed for maximum forgiveness and incredible speed. TKO uses a core-urethane system that brings maximum comfort together with speed. These wheels come in white with a black hub, X-Firm rating, and are available in 4 sizes. Make sure you get good bearings because you’re going to fly with any TKO product.

Features of TKO Racing Inline Wheels

  • Size: 90MM, 100MM, 110MM, 125MM
  • Color: White PU/Black Core
  • Urethane: Universal
  • Hardness: XFirm
  • Core: Fan
  • Tire: Dual durometer/banded
  • Interlock: Encompassed

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 Year form Manufacturer

Wheel Size

100MM, 110MM, 125MM, 90MM

Sizing Information


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