Vanilla Backspin Mayhem Wheel

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Fast rolling wheel with an aluminum hub guarenteed to give you great grip. Raise hell on the track with this Mayhem Wheel!

Get ready for the new Vanilla Backspin Wheels of 2015!

Color of wheel determines hardess: Black is 85A, Blue is 88A, Tiffany Green is 91A, Purple is 93A, Red is 95A, Grey is 97A, and White is 99A.

Additional information

Weight 2.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 5.0 × 5.0 × 5.0 in

Color of wheel determines hardess: Black is 85A, Blue is 88A, Tiffany Green is 91A, Purple is 93A, Red is 95A, Grey is 97A, and White is 99A.

Wheel Hardness

85A (Black), 88A (Blue), 91A (Tiffany GRN), 93A (Purple), 95A (Red), 97A (grey), 99A (White)

Sizing Information

1 review for Vanilla Backspin Mayhem Wheel

  1. Cathy Brohan

    Watched the entire video. Dude is correct wheels were not manufactured right. That lot (or maybe it was several lots Idk) of the vanilla backspins were awful. I had a set that I was having problems with but wasn’t sure why… just didn’t feel right. Another Skater had chunks of the urethane fall out… we both purchased the Backspins at the same time. The coach was curious what the issue was so I gave her my wheels to skate on At the end of practice, we were looking at the wheels, it was very apparent they had taken on a cone shape instead of round wheel. And that was just only 1 practice. As I recall we were told by the manufacturer that it was the dye that was causing the issues… idk lost confidence in the wheels. …

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