Roller Derby Artwork

The sport of roller derby is known for bringing people from all walks of life together. There are many artists involved in roller derby or interested in the sport, and we’d like to highlight some of the excellent art associated with our favorite sport.

If you’ve created any roller derby art, we’d love to show your images too! You can be featured on Devaskation and this page simply by e-mailing us. Tell us a bit about yourself, share any relevant links to your website or your art, and attach your images!

Artist: Furious George

Hello! My name is Furious George and I have been doing art for about 20 years. I specialize in graphic design and also fine art. I’m the current founder of a Derby Themed art company that is the business of promoting Derby Culture. I have worked on a couple of different logos for teams including Team Greece and my own home league, Dub City Derby Girls.

Visit Furious George’s Website

Artist: K’Mean Streak

My name is K’Mean Streak and I am an Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Freelance Artist in Tucson AZ. I skate for Tucson Roller Derby and am part of the TRD Art Committee—creating any collateral my league needs for marketing as my official league job. As I am an art-whore by day—I really enjoy it when I get to freelance with a derby focus. There is absolutely nothing better than derby and art!!! You can find more on my ‘Oli Design Page page here:

Visit K’Mean Streak’s Website

Artist: Kremly G. Budakra

Kremly G. Budakra from the Vancouver Murder. The “real” world knows me as Harrison Mortimer. I started doodling long ago and have been playing since 2014. I’ve done my local teams as well as many other images. And I am afraid to scuff that helmet so it sits in my back room.


Artist: Elektra Q-Tion

My name is Elektra Q-Tion. I’ve been skating with the Carolina Rollergirls since 2009; I’m also a member of Team North Carolina. Almost every year, I design posters for various leagues and I also write a blog and host a radio show on WDRBY.

Visit Elektra Q-Tion’s Website

Artist: Lucas de la Torre

I work for the film industry and have recently gotten involved with the Los Angeles Renegades Roller Girls. I took a few pictures and decide to do a little bit of light painting. If you’d like to see more of my work feel free to visit my website.

Visit Lucas de la Torre’s Website

Artist: Ed West

I’m a Phoenix-based Artist and have fallen in love with Derby over the past few years.

Visit Ed West’s Website

Artist: GRAFIK

I skated for 5 years before being forced to retire once my wife and I gained custody of her 4 children. I played for Greenville Derby Dames, URGE (Upstate Roller Girl Evolution), Blue Ridge Roller Girls and CQS (Columbia Quad Squad). I love the sport and I miss it every single day. When not skating, I was at work… and when not doing either, I would draw and paint.

Visit GRAFIK’s Website

Artist: Pain Mako

I am Pain Mako and this is my first creation of clay art and derby. I hope to have a successful Etsy business in the next few months creating custom made derby figurines.


Artist: Tina Bibra

I am playing derby for about 4 years now, with a lot of breaks… But life without your team and without this awesome sport is really boring. My art is called Cyanotype or blueprint and it is a really old print technique. At the beginning it was used for making books about plants, have a look on Google and “Anna Atkins”, so you can find out. I am using it for photographic experiments, you can enjoy on my homepage. Here you can find a lot of different prints, some from my hometown, some with music and some with derby. They all are unique, because of the special way to do blueprints. And, of course, they are limited. So if you like to have one, don’t be shy and pack it up 🙂

Visit Tina’s Website

Artist: Lil Bit

My name is Lil Bit and I skate and coach for Tampa Roller Derby. I work from photographs that have captured special moments of my favorite people. The fine details are my favorite part and what I think makes the image. It’s great that I get to mix the two things I enjoy the most in life, roller derby and art.

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