Derby Kiss Examples

Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. Those battle wounds we all so gladly boast about and all too often show off. Well, here is your chance to not only show the world how badass you really are, but to also win some really great safety gear to better protect your not-so-easily-fixed body parts.

Here’s the dealio: you go to practice, play your heart out in a bout, or simply “go for a jaunt” one afternoon and get your little tushy handed to you. If it’s a mess at first, take the photo then and there. If you know it’s coming, wait a few days for your true colors to shine, and take a pic for what the heck’s sake! Basically, we are asking this wonderful derby world we so happily live in to show off what we have all worked so hard to accomplish. Sometimes the track gets the better of us, sometimes we get rocked by our awesome teammates, and sometimes we simply trip on our own skate bag, but after the dust has settled and the rink rash has set in, we have some seriously cool bruises to strut around town with or a little bloody nose to better smell the roses.

Show Us Your Derby Kisses is a way for us to give away some awesome safety gear that will help protect you and for you to feel as though that fishnet burn wasn’t for nothin’. Post your best kiss, and know we are cheering you on! Your bodies work hard for you, sometimes even harder than we can give them credit for. So let them have their glory, and wear your toughness on your frickin’ sleeve! If you’ve already captured your awesome derby kiss and are looking for ways to heal, check out SISU’s article on remedies for all these beautiful bruises.

Now through 11:59pm PST June 30, submit your Roller Derby Kiss photos for a chance at multiple prizes! Submissions will be accepted solely via these Devaskation social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All submission posts must be tagged using #DevaskationDerbyKiss2017. Private posts will not be seen, and thus will not be eligible for entry. Contestants may submit unlimited entries during the contest period provided they are not duplicates. The Devaskation Staff will choose 1 grand prize winner, 2 runner ups, and 7 honorable mentions the first week of July. All winners will be announced on our social media accounts by July 5th!

Winners will receive a Devaskation prize pack that includes the following:

By submitting your photos, you guarantee that you own complete rights to image materials and that and its staff have the right to use your photo, imagery, and likeness in future marketing campaigns.

Thanks to these awesome sponsors below for this awesome safety gear you can win!

SISU 187 Triple 8


Thanks to all of you entered the contest, we had a ton of amazing entries for our Derby Kiss contest this year. The 10 winners are posted below.

Thanks again to our wonderful sponsers above for the prize packs as well as Radar Wheels for throwing in a sweet set of Donut wheels.

Please send us an email with your sizes and/or color choice for your prize pack.

Grand Prize Winner – Claire Laurel Panaway

187 Certified HelmetSisu Mouth Guard w/ Case, Triple 8 Bumsavers & 

Derby Wrist GuardSmell Well, Donut Wheels, and Devaskation Swag!

Runner Ups – Beth &Tracy

187 Certified HelmetSisu Mouth Guard with Case,

Smell Well, and Devaskation Swag

Claire Laurel Panaway

Beth Hilliard

Tracy Lynelle

Honorable Mentions

Sisu Mouth Guard with Case, and Devaskation Swag

Erin Johnsen

Decks-Her Morgan

Justin Faucher

Pachanga Pete

Ade McCom



Lindsay Davison

Amy Collins Nash


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