Ideas for Roller Skate Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time for falling leaves, cool weather, and most importantly a time to have fun with putting together an awesome costume! Many trick-or-treaters crave costumes that make a statement – something that not only frights, but is also an expression of one that can’t be worn every day of the year. A Roller Derby costume will work perfectly!

What to wear, what to wear?!?! Classic costumes are things like using a sheet for a ghost, maybe some orange felt stuffed with paper or cloth for a pumpkin transformation. Perhaps some fangs and a cloak, and voilà! You’re a vampire.

These standard issue costumes don’t stand a CHANCE since Roller Derby hit the grid! Read on for our creative derby costume ideas for guys, girls, and ghouls galore! Remember: The importance of your costume lies in how much FUN you have and expressing yourself in the best way you know how! But we don’t need to tell derby-ers that!

Why Roller Derby Is the BEST Costume Choice this Halloween

Derby is all about self-expression all season long. Whether we see derby in action on the track or on the big screen (think Whip It or Rollerball), Derby girls and guys make it a point to always wear whatever they want to show off their awesome, kick-butt personalities. If you want to be a Derby skater for Halloween, guess what?! You are open to so many options and advantages.

Did anyone even think of the huge edge you would have for trick-or-treating on roller skates?! Think how fast you could go, which means many more doors you can knock on. Not only would you impress with your ability to skate and wow with your awesome costume design, but also with your ability to speed on skates to (safely) get ALL of the best candy while on wheels versus being on foot! You’ll be filling your bag with king-size treats leaving walkers in the dust! All the while, you are even practicing your tactical skating skills in this fun, creative costume that is perfect for Halloween.

Officially trending this year for all sizes, all ages, and all crowds… ROLLER DERBY costumes! Here are some of our ideas to scare, wow, and surprise the crowds in Derby style.


Bwaahhh haaa haa! Don’t entertain actually wearing roller skates if you haven’t ever skated before in your life. If you are planning to wear roller skates, we must say that you have to PRACTICE SKATING! Sounds obvious, but you don’t want to be falling down and breaking your crown with the perfect get-up on your way to take 1st Place in the costume competition! Practice at your local roller rink or around the block a few times each day before Halloween night until you are certain to be comfortable skating in a crowd, on the road, and with others. Be sure to wear all of your safety gear! Bouts for candy are just as serious as bouts for the sport — take all precautions. Plus, the gear adds authenticity!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Keep in mind that Halloween nights are dark, depending on when you plan to leave the house or get home. If you’re on skates of any kind, you definitely want to keep well lit to avoid any mishaps. Cars and other foot traffic can add mayhem. Plus, lights will even draw a little attention to yourself and your awesome costume! Think: LED lights on your skates or wheels, glow-stick necklaces and bracelets, reflectors, blinking lights, and some glow-in-the-dark and/or light up wheels or accessories to be sure you are noticeable to those around you.

Día de los Muertos

This Halloween, more than ever, the trend and celebration of el Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead is more popular than ever! Even for derby-ers… Pinterest and Derby sites are full of ideas for face paint and costume ideas alike.

Using studio paint, sparkles for sugar skills, and skeletal or dead-looking outfits, celebrate this traditional Hispanic holiday of honoring ancestors and the deceased. Some simply paint their faces to look like skulls and pair the face art with a wedding dress for the ladies, a top hat and suit for the gents – or whatever you want!!! There are no rules – whatever your personality is, wear it.

This is why Day of the Dead wear is awesome for a Derby costume. What better than expressing your ‘Derby self’ as you would in any bout, with some added spooky Halloween elements?!

A Guy’s Guide to Derby Costumes

If your lady wants to dress Derby for Halloween, don’t fret gentlemen! There are so many easy, fun options for you to show your costume spirit!

Let’s introduce… The Referee!! The most revered position on the Derby track, the guy calling all the shots is the REF! Grab some black-and-white stripes and get yourself out to grab some candy!!! Spruce it up with a whistle (we say yellow!) and get in the Derby spirit.

Punk and the 80s – The Roots of Roller Derby Style

Derby is synonymous with 80s punk rock style – think fishnets, black, plaid, knee socks, dark eye makeup, red lipstick, silver chains, and everything 80s. If you really want to make your Halloween costume shine as a derby-er, you can’t fail with an outfit inspired by your version of 80s punk. Don’t be afraid to bust out the Aquanet, put on your skates with some ruffle socks, and let the good times ROLL like a rock star!

Roller Girl, Fifties, & Betty Boop Inspired Costumes

When in doubt about how to incorporate skates this Halloween, remember there is no need for extremes. You can get a bit out of bout character with a short black wig, red lipstick, and a lot of sass while still paying homage to the Roller Derby scene. Think Betty Boop, carhop (you know, the ones who serve milkshakes at drive-ins!), or 50s sock hop.

Black and white stripes or a skirt and tee combo that can be paired with bright blush, high socks, bright lipstick, and long lashes will be enough to amaze in this costume. The Fifties style is sure to incite a “Boooop boop be doop BOOP!” and promises a great time with things you can find around the house or thrift shop.

Roller Derby Halloween!

No matter what you choose, remember what Roller Derby is all about – individuality, fun, style, and expression. Devaskation wishes you a safe and fun Halloween with excellent spooks, candy, and costumes. A little bird also told us that there may be a costume contest this year so stay tuned for more information on how you could win some awesome skate candy! Send us your photos and comments so we can showcase your Roller Derby Halloween ideas!

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