June 21st is National Skate Day and we want to see how you’re celebrating!

Here’s the deal: Grab your phone, camera, tape recorder, GoPro®, notebook, or nearest caricature artist and then get out there and skate. We want to see your best (original) videos, pictures, music, and poems (no haikus please) of how you are celebrating Skate Day so get creative and most importantly, have fun!

National Skate Day is a great reason (like we really need a reason) for us to give away some awesome gear that will help you celebrate Skate Day all year long. Since June is also National Safety Month, expect to see some awesome safety gear in the prize packs too!

Now through 11:59pm PST June 30, submit your original media for a chance at multiple prizes! Submissions will be accepted solely via these Devaskation social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. All submission posts must be tagged using #YaySkateDay. Private posts will not be seen, and thus will not be eligible for entry. Contestants may submit unlimited entries during the contest period provided they are not duplicates. The Devaskation Staff will choose multiple winners in the first week of July. Categories include Inline Skating, Quad Skating, and Skateboarding. All winners will be announced on our social media accounts by July 6th!

Inline Winners will win one of the following:
Quad Winners will win one or more of the following:
Skateboard Winners will win one of the following:

Who won skate day?

Well…everyone! Skating is super fun and is often it’s own reward. The skaters below are getting an extra bonus of sweet skate gear to go along with that internal happy that you get every time you skate. Thank you all so much for joining us for skate day, we had so much fun watching, looking at, and reading your entries this year.

  • Alberto Rojas – Shark wheels (for you, we just love seeing dads skate with their kids) and some safety gear (Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver Helmet and Triple 8 Hired Hands) for the kiddos 🙂
  • David Lawliet – Atom Pro Skate (we’d love to see more inline videos)
  • Ethan Kitz – Seba FRX Skate (great job taking care of your other skates)
  • Holly SJ (Bettie ramPage) – Atom Jackson Rave Skate, Triple 8 Stealth Elbow Pads, SISU Mouthguard Bundle, and Derby Laces (so many great pics and skaters in your fam)
  • Irene Pavico-Tsukayama – SISU Bundle (for you) and 3 sets of Derby Laces (for you and your team)…that song has been stuck in our head all day btw
  • James Crawford – Luminous Light Up Wheels (for you or the kiddo)
  • Kathy Sebright – Mota Black Magic Package, Deadbolt Knee Pads, SISU Mouthguard Bundle, and Derby Laces (your story is one we know well, you’re not alone, we see you…and you’re awesome)
  • liked ophelia – Rollerbones Miami Wheels with Rollerbones Bearings and Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver Helmet (we want to help you reach your 1000 mile goal…safely)
  • shawnse05gabriel – Spitfire Bearings and Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver Helmet (we want to see more of those awesome tricks)
  • Sonoma County Roller Derby – SISU Bundle and 3 sets of Derby Laces (we loved your motion in the ocean)

If you won, we need you to email us (please put I won Skate Day in the subject line) your shipping address as well as any measurements (elbow, foot, head, knee, or wrist) that go along with your prizes so we know what size to send you 🙂

Thanks To All of Our Amazing 2018 Skate Day Sponsors

By submitting an entry, you guarantee that you own complete rights to any media/image materials and that Devaskation.com and its staff have the right to use your entry, photo, imagery, and likeness in future marketing campaigns.

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