Stay Out of the Heat and Work Out While Enjoying a Great Hobby!

Summer is a time for sun, fun, and trying to keep cool! If you’re looking for a great way to slip back into your yellow polka-dot bikini, enjoy some fun with the whole family, or participate in the great American pastime of roller skating – your answer is at the roller rink! Indoor skating is the best activity for the summer for pros, new skaters, and anyone wanting to CHILL out while getting some killer cardio.

Derby and inline skaters can sharpen their game while staying out of the sun, and kids can enjoy learning a new hobby! Check out DevaSkation’s top list of why our followers wouldn’t give up indoor skating in the summer for a trip to the North Pole!

It’s Too Hot to Work Out! But I Could Stand to Tone Up a Bit.

As the weather reaches all-time high temperatures and pairs with increased humidity and/or hours of sunlight, it’s just not as easy to get out and exercise. If sweating it up in a gym is hard enough during other months, a truly best kept secret to working out indoors is just this: an indoor roller rink!

Have Fun and Burn Calories at the Rink!

How many calories do you think skating burns per hour? 100 calories? 250 calories? 400 calories?! Roller skating burns an incredible 500 calories per hour! Not many workouts are fun in the heat. But in a cooled, indoor, music-filled setting with friends and family or on your own; in a birthday or disco party atmosphere; one can’t help but have fun. Great music, fun events, and an average of 2,000+ calories burned per rink visit seems like a no-brainer!

Forget intense, difficult training – it’s hard on many joints, muscles, and especially prior injuries. Look no further than your local rink for the perfect fluid workout that is low-impact and effective. You might even catch a stuffed animal in the ‘claw’ game, get to play some foosball or air hockey, and meet a new skating buddy! All the while burning an insane amount of calories! Next time the beach is in order, you will be ready with toned legs, core, and arms.

Skating Benefits for All: Tone, Balance, and Strength

Not only does skating tone the entire body and truly release endorphins of pure adrenaline, happiness, and more – with the cool rink experience, and the cool distraction from the heat and sun outside – it increases balance. Many people have a hard time finding a center of balance that is needed for skating of any kind – figure skating, ice skating, roller derby skating, inline skating, and any form of competitive or recreational skating – this is helpful for gymnasts, athletes, hikers, bicyclists, and really anyone that moves from point A to point B without tripping or falling.

Low Impact Workout: Skating Is #1

Not only is roller skating and inline skating (a.k.a. rollerblading) a workout that is just as rigorous as running, bicycling, swimming, playing sports, and more – it is also low impact. People with knee pain, back problems, or ailments that make it tough to work out are HIGHLY recommended to try roller or inline skating (rollerblading). The fluid movement of skating takes it easy on areas where people of all ages experience pain, overuse, and injury – and BONUS! – you can do it in the air-conditioned local roller rink!

Take a lesson, free skate, join a league, hold a party, take your family – you name it! The possibilities are endless, and we LOVE the idea of indoor roller-skating as a great workout for all ages and levels of fitness!

Try the Atom Strut Skate – highly recommended for teens and adults who are learning to skate either indoors OR outdoors (due to the Atom Boom wheels that are perfect for both) – are a popular, light, high-quality purchase at a low price. The famed Luigino boots provide utmost comfort and durability, and you can certainly strut your skates in style with the Atom skate.

Summer Break for the Kids!

Until school is back in session, summer break can be a hard time to entertain energetic kids of all ages for months. After Disneyland is done, and the beach isn’t too nearby, what can you do to keep the kids active and know they are having fun and being safe and healthy!? Indoor roller rinks are the perfect destination for kids of all ages – whether they’ve skated or not!

Staff at roller rinks are friendly and accommodating. Let’s just say – they care. Their goal is to keep everyone safe and happy on the rink. Of course, always supervise your children while visiting the roller rink or anywhere, but the spirit of roller skaters is a great one. Time and time again, professionals and old-timers of the rink are more than happy to share their wealth of knowledge and safety tips to help your child feel confident in the rink. Before you know it, your child will be an expert skater! If not every time (but pretty much every time), kids band together within any given activity, and indoor skating is no exception. The best of friendships are roller skating buddies! It’s the cutest thing to watch in the world. And with mandated supervision, if you grab a soda or order a pretzel during the skate, at your trusted local roller rink you just know your child is in good hands. So, as a tip and even forewarning, get ready to book your child’s next birthday party at the rink – and even more importantly, pick up some of DevaSkation’s top-rated, lowest price guaranteed skates for youth! Because your children will love it – and so will you!

We recommend our best-selling Jackson VIP skates for teens, young adults, and roller derby participants. These are durable and perfect for both beginners and advanced skaters. The skate is customizeable at nearly every level. The boot is over-padded to protect youngsters and their growing feet, all the while providing an amazing increased range of movement. The nylon plates provide great strength and flexibility without fear of injury or over-exertion on any muscle. Check them out!

Inline, Derby, and Skating Events to Watch In the Cool Indoors

Okay, let’s start small… NOT! As skating super fans, we can’t be more excited that Roller Sports including inline speed skating, women’s flat track derby, men’s roller derby, inline hockey, and more are officially recognized as Olympic Recognized Sports – and have even been considered and featured in the Summer Olympics. Inline Speed Skating was chosen by the International Olympic Committee to be the roller skating discipline presented in the 2012 Olympic Summer Games.

Skating tips for Beginners and Kids

It all starts with some skates. If you want to give your child confidence on the rink, and take a little trip back to the disco era yourself, you have to check out the Disco Roller by Crazy Skates! They are the most trending kids roller skate of 2015 and guarantee making your child a superstar on the rink. We love the high-ankle boot, which adds additional ankle support. Kids (okay, us too…) are OBSESSED with the motion-activated LED lights. Sure to keep your kid the coolest on the rink.

Short and sweet, here’s a few quick tips to get you on the rink with confidence:

  • Feet should be shoulder width apart
  • Bend your knees!
  • Squat slightly
  • If you want an even more intense workout, squat to a comfortably lower level – your glutes won’t know what hit them! It’s a great calorie burner
  • Next, get rollin’! Once you feel comfortable standing with your feet apart and a slight squat and knee bend, you have already given yourself the gift of balance and a spring in your step. Remember… FLUID!
  • Here’s how you get from hanging on the wall to rollin’ on the rink: You’re pretty much ready to go! Don’t focus on the technical stuff – your body knows what to do.

Pro Skate Tip: Point your toes outward and heels inward, and start gliding! Push off with one foot (usually your dominant foot – if you’re right handed, usually it’s right foot, but whatever feels comfortable for you will work best!), then push off of the wall for only a moment, then longer, then longer. Wearing knee and elbow pads – especially a helmet ensures your safety.

The benefits and fun factor is pretty much undeniable. There are more reasons to indoor skate than not! Whether you choose to participate in indoor skating to stay fit, keep calm and carry on, and enjoy it with the whole family or a date or a girl or guy’s night – or even a disco night or a birthday party with great music – you will be having fun in an air-conditioned roller rink. And afterward, you don’t have to feel guilty about a snack from the best roller rink snack bars EVER!

P.S. – Summer discounts at roller rinks are at an all-time high! Check out some great deals at your local skate track.

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