Are you in Vegas for the big roller skate convention? Here’s something fun to do with your friends! You could even win a sick pair of CUSTOM Mojo Carbon Mota Skates!

We are lucky enough to be working with one of the hottest brands in the market — Mota Skates!  If you haven’t seen their awesome gear, you’ve probably been under a rock!  

So, here are the rules:

1. Find the things in each of the pictures below and take a selfie with each one, upload it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account with the hashtag #DevaskateVegas, and tag @MotaSkates and @Devaskation. The first person to post all their finds AND find Vulvarizer for the final selfie (at the Black and Blue Ball pool party) wins a custom pair of Mota Skates ($900 value).

2. US and Canada Residents Only. 

3. Ages 21+ only

The images below provide a map to your new Mota Skates!

Registration This Little Guy
You’re Here! Protect Yourself!
Skate Safe Skate Strong
Vagine! The Infamous
Tape Score

(Saturday, July 30) Find Vulvarizer tonight!

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