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Element brand is one of the most popular skateboard brands on the market today. Since '92, Element has strived to provide the most honest, ethical, and progressive skateboarding out there. Their popular skateboards satisfy beginners and veteran skaters alike. "We are more than a business; We are a family, all on the same journey for the growth within ourselves, Element and all that surrounds us." - Johnny Schillereff, Founder.

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Element Complete Skateboard Black
These 7.75" x 31.5” Element Skateboards come disassembled for your preferred customization and sense..
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Element Nyjah Huston Complete Skateboard
This Element Nyjah Huston Complete Skateboard comes ready to ride. Made from 7-ply premium Maple Woo..
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Element Team Quadrant Complete Skateboard
This all-in-one deck kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own skateboard. The Element..
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ELEMENT x THRASHER Dispersion Complete Skateboard
This ELEMENT x THRASHER Skateboard features the characteristic Element Featherlight Construction for..
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