Inline Skate Wheels

Inline wheels are used in “Rollerblades” or inline skates and are generally specific for type of skating. Inline wheels are used indoors or outdoors, depending on the specifications of the wheel. The biggest difference in inline wheels vs. quad skate wheels is that inline wheels are about a third of the width and can be about twice as tall. The thinner wheel makes the push faster for skaters and also reduces friction on sidewalks, streets, and asphalt. Inline wheels are measured with a “durometer” that delineates the hardness of the wheel. Remember though the lower the durometer number, the more likely the wheel is best used outdoors.

Inline skate wheels are interchangeable and easy to replace as long as you know how to choose wheels for your skating surface and style. Most wheels have 2 numbers: 1 Hardness (or durometer) and one size in MMs. So, simply match the hardness and size numbers of your old wheels to your new wheels and you should be all good! If you have questions about inline or “rollerblade” skate wheels, contact us!

Other Information on Inline Skate Wheels

The best inline wheels for sidewalks, rinks, roads, concrete, or asphalt are listed below. If you see a brand we should carry, let us know.

Inline skate wheels are the circular components of inline skates that come into contact with the ground and provide movement and traction for the skater. Inline skate wheels are typically made of a hard, durable material such as polyurethane, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hardness levels to suit different types of skating and skaters of different skill levels.

Inline skate wheels can vary in size from as small as 59mm to as large as 125mm or more, with smaller wheels being more maneuverable and larger wheels providing greater speed and stability. Inline skate wheels also come in different durometer ratings, with higher numbers indicating a harder wheel. Harder wheels are typically faster and more durable, while softer wheels provide more grip and cushioning on rough surfaces.

Inline skate wheels may also have different profiles or shapes, with some wheels featuring a rounded or bullet-shaped profile for maximum speed, while others may have a flatter profile for better grip and maneuverability.

The choice of inline skate wheels will depend on the type of skating being done, as well as the skater’s skill level and personal preferences. Skaters doing recreational skating or urban commuting may prefer smaller, softer wheels for greater maneuverability and comfort, while those involved in speed skating or aggressive inline skating may prefer larger, harder wheels for greater speed and stability.

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