Knee Pads

Knees are very important in life as it is, keep them protected with knee pads while skating! Our pads range from thinner padding for flexabilty, to thick padding for maximum protection. It all depends on what skaters want/need. For Roller Derby most skaters want a thicker pad because they are falling more than others, but for a regular rink rat, nothing too thick is neccesary. Little protection is better than no protection at all! Slap on some knee pads so that when you take that accidental fall, you can hop right back up (without a skinned knee) and continue skating!

Skate knee pads are a type of protective gear worn by skaters to prevent injury to the knees during falls or collisions. They are typically made of durable and shock-absorbing materials such as plastic or foam padding, and are designed to fit snugly over the knee area. They may also have additional features such as adjustable straps and reinforced stitching to provide a secure and comfortable fit. Skate knee pads are commonly used in various skating activities such as roller skating, inline skating, skateboarding, and roller derby.






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