Devaskation Skate Size Guide and Charts

There are so many different skates out there that it becomes very difficult to determine what Skate Size you should order. You may think that skates should fit like a general pair of sneakers but you will find that is not the case.

A lot of our customers have asked us about the best way to measure their feet to get the most accurate measurement. We have made the awesome video below to guide you in making your measurements as well as a printable sheet you can use to do the measuring. **Note: You must print the guide as actual size for it to be accurate.

Please find the correct Size Chart for the Brand of skates you are looking for and follow those sizes for the best fit of that brand of skate. If you have any questions about your size please let our experienced staff help you with finding your size.


Lacing Techniques

If the length of your skates are great and you’re still feeling some pain in a particular place, check out the lacing techniques below to help your skates feel like they should.