is the premier website for the highest quality skating products for all skating enthusiasts including Aggressive, Artistic, Dance, Downhill, Fitness, Hockey, Jam, Kids, Outdoor, Recreational, Rink, Roller Derby, Rhythm, and Speed. We are owned and operated by Skip Clinton (a world-champion and hall-of-fame artistic skater). Our staff is very knowledgeable and would love to help you with all of your skating needs. Our goal is to offer the lowest prices and best service on the internet as well as in our retail store.

Skip Clinton, Owner of Devaskation
Skip Clinton, Owner of Devaskation

We have a wide variety of skating products and accessories and we ship world-wide.

Our staff at DevaSkation is made up of very knowledgeable and informative individuals who have experience in many disciplines related to roller skating. Members of our team have competed at World Championships all over and have an unprecedented knowledge of skating equipment for all types of surfaces and conditions. If you need to know what the best wheels are for a surface such as Terrazzo we can help you with that. Our staff can answer many questions regarding boot comfort and sizing and will do our best to put you in the best possible skate for your needs.

We specialize in quad roller skates, inline skates, safety gear, wheels, skate parts, skateboards, and pretty much anything else that you need to get skating. If you do not see something you are looking for please email us with the product/model and we will be do our best to acquire it for you. If it relates to skating we can probably get it! We pride ourselves on customer service and you can read even more about that in our What Does Customer Service Mean to You Article. We are always happy to help via phone or email. Send us your questions, comments, and suggestions. We listen! Our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service and the best skating products on the planet!

Meet the Team

There are a lot of people who put a lot of love into Devaskation which make it the Amaze-balls skate shop you know and love! If you call, email, or stop by you will get to talk to one of these peeps:

DevaSkation Peeps

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DevaSkation Dan

Dan – Happiness Ninjaneer

He does kinda look scary in this picture, don’t let that fool you though, he’s super nice and helpful, we promise. Dan has been working for Devaskation the longest and is our resident expert in ALL things skating. You’ll see him in a lot of our how to videos and even hanging out in our many other videos. Dan skates both quad and inline on many different surfaces so he’ll be happy to share his own insight along with his extensive knowledge with you to help you get the perfect skating setup for you. He truly loves helping customers and making them happy…hence the job title…so tell him what you need and he’ll help you through all of the information to get you rolling in the perfect skates. If you get an email from us, it’s probably from Dan (please ignore the lack of apostrophes, he says that electronic communication has made them irrelevant) and full of amazing information to help you. Want to gain some extra points with Dan? He LOVES stickers and bribery is always an option.

DevaSkation Rocky

Rocky Whore’r – Hell’p On Wheels

Rocky LOVES skates…no really, just look!! Rocky came into Devaskation to get her very first pair of skates back in 2016 because someone random talked her into trying out for Roller Derby and she was hooked from the very first moment. She loved skating soooooo much that she asked us how she could work here. We loved her instantaneously and hired her a few months later. You probably recognize her from many of our awesome videos. Not only does she act, she keeps our insane warehouse super clean and all the orders perfect and happy. Who wouldn’t want to send someone a box full of happiness? Since she is as amaze-balls as they come, she is skating for the Arizona Derby Dames Banked Track Roller Derby League on both the Brutal Beauties and their all-star travel team, the AZDD Hot Shots. She knows everything there is to know about skating in Roller Derby and can help you with all the things you need to get started in Roller Derby or help you improve your game with some better gear. If you call us, there’s a good chance that she will answer the phone and help you with everything you need!

DevaSkation Heather

Heather – Chief Logistics Kitten

Heather (Rocky calls her Google, we won’t get into what Dan calls her) tries to do all the behind the scenes things so Dan and Rocky can focus on customers. Here, it seems we’ve captured her in her natural habitat (organizing or doing inventory) and buried in SISU mouth guards. You will sometimes see an email from her about your order. She is often deep in spreadsheets and data so she can make your shopping experience even better! Heather does all of the article updates…so if something is wrong, you can definitely give her a hard time. Have an idea for a new article?  Let her know!  We’re always looking to provide even more awesome information for our customers.

DevaSkation Dan

It’s a Family Affair

Everyone on our team (and sometimes our loved ones) are working hard for you! We LOVE doing videos, races, tournaments, and all kinds of fun events. When we are spending a weekend (or sometimes even longer) supporting skaters or shooting a video, we sometimes need a little help. Here are just a few of the awesome help that we’ve had over the years! If you live here in AZ, you’ll probably recognize Sophya (you can see her awesome infographics throughout our website and social media) or Roze (our resident Media Black Belt) as they are sometimes in the shop and at tournaments helping us out. You may also catch them at the skate park and in some of our videos. We’ve also done a marathon and Roller Derby tournaments with Camille, and Noah (if you love SEBA, you probably know Noah). The rest of these lovely faces belong to our loved ones (that made us promise not to call them out by name) who have spent tons of time helping us pack, unpack, run booths, and making sure we get something to eat (that’s totally why we keep them around) when we’re super busy so a big Devaskation thank you to every one of you! We also love  our vendors and invite them out to visit us as often as we can. This is great for us and you since we can talk to them about new products and get you awesome information on them quickly. One of our favorite things to do when our vendors come to visit is to draft them into making videos for our wonderful customers so that you can get some awesome information (and hopefully enjoyment too). Take a look at some of our favorite videos below and if that’s not enough, you can check out our full video library on our YouTube Channel!






With Roze’s amazing video skills and an enormous amount of creative teamwork, we have made tons of videos that will really help you get to know us better (especially our hearts and sense of humor) so here are a few of our favorites!

We See You


Triple 8 Helmet

DevaSkation Crew

Thanks for visiting our site. We can’t wait to meet you!

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