Elbow Pads

These pads are meant to protect your elbows when you get tripped up, hit a crack, snag a rock, run into the corner of the hallway…  Whatever it may be, these pads will keep your elbows in one piece so you can get right back up and continue livin’ the dream..

Skate elbow pads are protective gear worn by skaters to prevent injury to their elbows while skating. These pads are typically made of durable materials like plastic or foam, and are designed to absorb shock and protect the elbow joint during falls or collisions. They are typically worn by skaters of all types, including skateboarders, roller skaters, and inline skaters. Some elbow pads may also have additional features like adjustable straps or ventilation to improve comfort and performance. It is recommended that skaters wear elbow pads along with other protective gear such as helmets and knee pads to ensure their safety while skating.

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