Inline Street Skates

Street, Freeride, and recreational skates. I want to start skating again! That is the phrase we hear most at Devaskation. Many of the skaters that say this to us, are interested in inline skating and we have just what they (and you) need! Check out all of the awesome inline options below for freeride and recreational skating and if you’re thirsty for more, check out our Best Wheels for Inline Freeride and Recreational Skating article as well!

An inline street skate is a type of inline skate designed for urban or street skating, typically on rough or uneven surfaces such as sidewalks, roads, or skateparks. They are characterized by their sturdy and durable construction, with a hard shell boot that provides maximum support and protection for the foot and ankle.

Inline street skates typically have larger wheels than other types of inline skates, which allows for better maneuverability and control on rough surfaces. They also often feature anti-rockering technology, which places smaller wheels in the center of the frame and larger wheels on the outside, to help prevent tripping or catching on rough surfaces.

Inline street skates may also include other features such as shock-absorbing padding, replaceable parts, and ventilation to help keep the skater comfortable and protected during longer skating sessions. They are a popular choice for skaters who enjoy exploring urban environments and want a durable and high-performance inline skate that can handle the challenges of street skating.

Overall, inline street skates are a versatile and practical choice for skaters who want to experience the excitement and adventure of skating through urban environments, while also enjoying the health and fitness benefits of inline skating. They are also a good choice for advanced skaters who want to perform more technical maneuvers and tricks on rough or uneven surfaces.

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