Bearing Cleaners

Cleaning your bearings is a necessary step to keeping your skate bearings rolling smoothly. Do you want those wheels to spin forever? Shop Devaskation’s bearing cleaners to get your bearings in tip-top shape. The process of cleaning bearings depends on the type of bearings, but in general you need to soak the bearings in a solution that can remove the dirt and grime. We do have a lot of questions about cleaning bearings, so check out our How to Clean Bearings FAQ.

Skate bearing cleaners are tools designed to clean and maintain the bearings of roller skates or skateboards. They usually consist of a container, often made of plastic or metal, that holds a cleaning solution and a mechanism to spin the bearings. To use a skate bearing cleaner, the bearings are removed from the wheels and placed into the container with the cleaning solution. The container is then sealed and the mechanism is used to spin the bearings, which helps remove any dirt or debris. After cleaning, the bearings are typically dried and lubricated before being reinstalled into the wheels. Properly cleaning and maintaining skate bearings can help extend their lifespan and improve overall performance.






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