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Girl Skateboards

Since '93 Girl has been crafting and manufacturing skateboards, clothing, and accessories. These boards offer a no-nonsense, straightforward vibe and are some of the most trusted and durable decks on the market. Get out there and skate. "Homie mode, engage!"

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Girl Brophy 93 Deck
Go pro when you take to the streets on one of these Girl Brophy 93 Decks. Each deck is stand-alone (..
Girl Burst Wheels 51mm
Girl Skateboards use nothing but the best urethane for long lasting, hard, fast wheels! The 51mm bur..
Girl Carol Conspir Complete Skateboard
Made from a 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple wood, these Girl Carol Conspir Complete Skateboards offer a li..
Girl Folded Wheels 52mm
The Folded Wheels from Girl Skateboards are hard hitting fast riding wheels, ready to tear it up on ..
Girl Happy Wheels 56mm
Sometimes you just got to cruise and sometimes you are the one holding the camera, whenever you find..
Girl McCrank Future Projections Skateboard
Take pride when building and assembling your deck when you acquire one of these Girl McCrank Future ..
Girl Nuclear Wheels 52mm
Nuclear Wheels are solid riding wheels! Using Girls "Stout" mold giving a wider riding surface for&n..
Girl Shield Wheels 52mm
Another bullet proof wheel from Girl Skateboards, the Sheild Wheels have a all the speed accuracy an..
Girl Sketchy Wheels 52mm
At 53mm and a 98 hardness these wheels can perform in some "less than perfect conditions" just ..



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