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Kids Skates

Kids Skates

These skates are not just for kids but they are the most ideal for children. They are the skates that come in smaller sizes to provide kids with a better fitting skate so that they are comfortable in their skates on the track. The more fitting a boot is to a child's foot, the more comfortable and stable they will be. Stabilty is very important because it helps kids with their confidence being able to stay upright on their skates and not fall. These skates are great for kids, but as stated above, they are NOT ONLY for kids so buy a pair for yourself and get out their with your kiddos.  Don't forget to read our Kids Skates FAQ and our Parent's Guide to Buying Skates for Kids for even more great information on what skates will work best for your kids. 

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Crazy Flash Light-Up Kids Skate
Get your hands on the hot new kid skate of 2015: the Crazy Flash Light-Up Kids Skate! These ska..
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Just a Little Phreaky Junior Derby Rookie Package
Finally a kiddos package that doesn't break the bank!!  For all of you derby parents out there,..
$342.44 $269.00
Pacer Mach-5 Rainbow Skates
The GTX Skate is a wonderful low top skate for entry level skaters. It is by far one of the best sel..
Bone Shieldz Cruiser Kids Pads
Keep the little ones safe while they have fun, with the Cruiser Tri-Pack Pads from Roller Derby. The..
Build Your Own High Boot Skate
Many skaters love the look and feel of high top skates. If you remember skating in the 70s, these ar..
Crazy DBX Junior Adjustable Quad Skate
Crazy Skate's DBX Junior is a great skate for growing children. Its unique footbed system allows for..
Crazy Disco Roller Kids Skate
The Disco Roller by Crazy Skates is the hot new kids skate of 2015! Make your child the superstar of..
Crazy Rocket Skate
Get your child a great skate to learn on with Crazy Skate's Rocket skate. This skate is quality on a..
Crazy Skates Celebrity Art Junior
The Crazy Skates Celebrity Art is finally available in a junior size! This skate is perfect for youn..
Crazy Skates Dream Roller Skates for Girls
Crazy Skates Dream Roller Skates were released in 2019 and feature your choice of a black or pink bo..
Crazy Skates Glitter Glam
The Crazy Skates Glitter Glam brings back the retro Hi-Boot rollerskate with a sparkly modern twist...
Epic Blush
The Epic Blush quad roller skates are a fantastic skate for youngins to start off their skating..
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Epic Galaxy Elite Boy's Skate
The Epic Galaxy Elite Boy's Skate is a great choice for new skaters.  These skates are des..
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Epic Galaxy Elite Girl's Skate
The Epic Galaxy Elite Girl's Skate was released in 2015 and is an "epic" skate for young girls ..
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Epic Skates Allure Light-Up Quad Roller Skates
The New Epic Allure Skate is a Fun and Fantastic outdoor skate. The High quality 3/4 boot provides p..
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Epic Super Nitro Black & Red Indoor / Outdoor Quad Roller Speed Skates
The New Epic Super Nitro is a wonderful skate for the introductory skaters. Designed with boys in mi..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Jackson Rave Custom Skate
The Jackson Rave is the entry-level quad roller skate intended for youths and other beginner skaters..
Based on 2 reviews.
Pacer Madrid Adult Skates
**Last Chance** The Pacer Madrid are just the roller skates for you. The traditional high bo..
$79.00 $39.00
Phreakskate Devaskator
The Phreakskate Devaskator skate is comprised of quality components at an extreme value. The boot is..
Based on 2 reviews.
Phreakskate Rink Runner
The Phreakskate Rink Runner is a competitor to some of the most popular skates around. The boot is a..
$209.95 $159.00
Riedell R3 Skate *.*Upgrades*.*
The Riedell R3 Roller Skate is one of the most popular skates for speed skaters or derby players on ..
Based on 4 reviews.
Riedell RW Volt Skate
Riedell RW Volt Quad Speed Skates - Riedell RW Volt Roller Skates with Rainbow Laces - Looking for a..
SEBA Junior Adjustable Inline Skate
Get your child a high quality inline skate from SEBA without having to worry about them immediately ..
Seba Soft Junior Skates
The Seba Soft Junior skates are tool free adjustable, for the young skater. Start them out right wit..
Zippy Adjustable Toddler and Children's Starter Skates
The Zippy is the adjustable children’s skate designed to grow with your child and take a beatin..
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Based on 3 reviews.
Pacer Revive Lighted Skate
The Pacer Revive LED Lighted Skate is the next evolution of technology and affordable performance &n..
Riedell Dart Ombre Roller Skate
The Riedell Dart Ombre Roller Skate is a great skate for beginners or advanced skaters. This sk..
Based on 2 reviews.
Riedell Dart Skate
The Riedell Dart is an entry-level skate intended for youth, teens, or young adults. The skate is ma..
Based on 3 reviews.
Riedell Dash Roller Skate
Riedell is one of the leading manufacturers of roller skates and the Riedell Dash skate is a great s..
Roller Derby Cheetah S4 Boys Adjustable Inline Skate
Roller Derby Boys Adjustable Inline skate is a wonderful inline skate for kids. Adjustable sizing gi..
Based on 1 reviews.
Roller Derby Elite Stomp 5
Roller Derby Elite finally made their hot STOMP FACTOR skate in an affordable version for begin..
Roller Derby Fun Roll Kids Beginner Quad Skate
This adjustable kids skate is great for beginner skaters who are still growing. It important that ki..
Candi Girl by Roller Derby
Roller Derby has designed a wonderul skate at a terrific price. The Boots are available in awes..
Based on 2 reviews.



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