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Mission Inhaler AC1

Mission Inhaler AC1

Brand: Bauer
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Product Description

The Mission Inhaler AC1 Roller Hockey Skates are the premier skates in the Inhaler line.  The AC1 skates feature key innovations made specifically for roller hockey. The S.I.C.K. vented toe caps and quarter package, the True Vented Tongue and the Indy Foam ankle pads all contribute to this skate's superiority. The AC1 rolls on the redesigned Hi-Lo Vanguard Magnesium frames along with the Rink Rat Hornet Split wheels and Swiss LE bearings making it a top performer. 

A 2-piece white felt, True Vented Tongue allows air to pass through keeping the top of your feet dry and cool while the VEX foam lacebite insert helps keep you protected.  The tendon guard was lowered for an improved range of motion providing longer more powerful strides.

Very soft and pliable Indy Foam ankle pads provide an amazing amount of comfort and help lock your feet to the skate.  The Rink Rat Hornet Split wheels provide all the grip and speed needed for indoor surfaces. The Swiss LE bearings keep you rolling longer and faster than ever before.

 Mission skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size

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