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Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Skateboard

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Skateboard

Brand: Santa Cruz Skateboards
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Product Description

The Santa Cruz brand has been around for decades and is one the premier brands on the market today. This  skateboard is a complete 8.8" x 27" setup with a flat Cruzer concave deck. It has a 16" wheelbase with a 2.7" nose and 4.3" kicktail. Other features include Bullet B137 trucks, Bullet hardware, and ABEC 5 Bearings and Road Rider 65-millimeter (78A) wheels.  One of the most unique features of this board is a bottle opener in the bottom of the deck!  This board comes with a clear spray-on grip.  This board can be ridden on sidewalks and streets.  It's great over semi-bumpy surfaces, but it isn't as good as a longboard over rough surfaces.  Santa Cruz setups occasionally have stiff trucks when new, but that will wear in after a few rides. The board comes with trucks, wheels, and everyting you see in the picture and everything is assembled. 

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