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Skateboard Articles

Posted by Carly Quick

Devaskation.com is your source for the very best in skateboards, wheels, and equipment.  We pride ourselves on being friendly and customer service oriented. We are currently have a few articles below and are working on even more awesome articles to help you get on that deck and get rolling. Check back soon for updates!

Skating News

DevaSkation.com is your source for the best in skating products and now we're branching out for skating news. Check out our blog!


There are many types of skateboarding styles and surfaces. Learn everything you need to know to get the right wheels on your favorite board and get moving!
You can't roll without bearings. Learn everything you need to know to get the right bearings into your favorite wheels and get rolling!
Safety is important while participating in any sport, and skateboarding no different. Here are some ways to protect yourself.



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