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Sponsorships for Derby Leagues and Bloggers

Posted by Carly Quick

DevaSkation sponsorships for roller derby, inline, ice skating, and leagues of all types!

Is your team, league, or function in need of a sponsor?  Are you an active blogger or social media icon? We offer one of the most competitive sponsorship opportunities in the roller skate world. The more you learn about our sponsorships the more you will find that what we offer is far better than what others have to offer. We are actively persuing sponsorships in all areas of skating. However, we are selective with who we choose to partner with and not all sponsorship opportunities will be accepted. If you are chosen to be sponsored by DevaSkation.com, below are some of the benefits you should expect to recieve.

Sponsorship Benefits:
  • Discount coupons specifically for your team/league
  • Opportunity to participate in our affiliate program and earn money every month for your cause
  • Monthly Devaskation Facebook shares / blasts for your team and league's events
  • Technical support and help for your website (Yes. We will actually help you improve your website for FREE)
  • Opportunity for free products and giveaways for team members in need
Sponsorship Requirements:
  • Active website and Facebook page
  • Active team and/or league
  • Team schedule
  • Active help with promotions

Let Devaskation sponsor YOUR roller derby team or league!

Details Regarding Sponsorship:

We will provide your team with a special coupon code that is specific to your team.  This coupon code is private and is to be used by your team and its members. DevaSkation.com focuses on having the absolute lowest prices online.  We do have a price match guarantee in place and we will beat any advertised price.  Your coupon code is not always negotiable on price-match guarantees, but we will do our best to make sure you can stack the coupon on the price-match guarantee IF you are sponsored by us.  Discounts on products on top of price-matching is not something we can do for customers that aren't sponsored. 

There is a significant advantage to joining our affiliate program.  Affiliates earn a percentage of every sale that comes from your site.  We will give you a special banner and tracking code. If a player visits your website and clicks on our banner and purchases product, you will be compensated for that. So, above your discount on products, you can also earn CASH money for the sales you bring to us. It's something your team should take advantage of because it is essentially free money for your team/league.  Read more about how our affiliate system works!

We will do our best to blast your events on our social media pages.  We have continued to see growth across our social media accounts and we are certainly interested in promoting your events on our page to draw more attention.  Check out our Social Page for more information.

Occasionally, we can help with free products for teams in need. This is handled on a case-by-case basis and in no way are we required to give your team or league free stuff for any reason. If there is a specific need for a skater (maybe you have some fresh meat that really needs knee and elbow pads) we can usually help. We do require a video testimonial and "thanks" for any equipment we give away. This is simple to do and won't take more than 5 minutes. 

Blogger or Social Media Guru?

We can also sponsor a select group of bloggers and social media personalities. Give us a shout and we'll review your blog or social media posts and potentially offer a sponsorship.

Thank you very much for considering us as sponsors for your derby league, blog, or social media personality. We do think we offer a unique value to skaters and leagues.



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