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Zuca Skate Bag
Zuca Skate Bag Zuca Skate Bag Zuca Skate Bag Zuca Skate Bag

Zuca Skate Bag

Brand: Zuca
Product Code: ZucaBag
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The Zuca Skate bag is one of THE best bags for skaters and roller derby enthusiasts (quite frankly, we may even go as far as to say THE BEST GEAR BAG IN THE WORLD). It has a spacious interior "pocket" to hold your rad skates, shnazzy wheels, and "super fresh" gear. With that being said, there are also numerous exterior pockets to hold all of your skating necessities (ie. tool bag, jerseys, hair ties & bandanas, and of course those stanky socks). This bag not only exceeds a skaters expectations of a dream bag, but it puts a lot of what we trully need into a reality. The exterior frame is extremely durable and comes with a solid top that can be used as a seat to lace up and gear up!  The ability to stack excess luggage atop of the Zuca bag is a huge plus for those All-Star travel teams, along with it's easy roll, and perfectly placed, easy-to-grab handle that sits flush atop the bag, as to not severly interfere with said sitting...  

- An integrated seat and telescoping handle (Excellent for us sitting type...in a full upright and comfortable seated position)
- Magneto dynamic flashing LED wheels (Pretty much AMAZE-BALLS (though not at all relating to our stellar Devaskation Amaze-Balls toe stops)
- Unique dual wheel design for climbing curbs, stairs (basically, the whole world) with ease
- Heavy-duty water resistant bag (An important necessity due to all of your conquered rivalries tears)
- Super durable aerospace class construction (This bag could take you to the moon and back *see first listed feature*)
- Ultra silent scooter wheels with sealed skate-class bearings (so you can stay super stealth and ninja like always)
- A gear platform to carry additional loads (The load equivalent of AWESOME)

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General Information
Dimensions 12" (W) x 18" (H) x 14" (D)

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