Aggressive Inline Skates

An aggressive inline skate is a specialized type of inline skate designed for performing tricks and stunts on obstacles such as rails, stairs, and ledges. Aggressive inline skating is a form of freestyle skating that emerged in the 1990s and has since become a popular extreme sport.

Aggressive inline skates are characterized by their rugged and durable construction, with a hard shell boot that provides maximum support and protection for the foot and ankle. They typically have smaller wheels than other types of inline skates, which allows for better control and maneuverability on obstacles. The wheels are also often harder and more durable, to withstand the wear and tear of grinding on rails and other hard surfaces.

Aggressive inline skates also often feature anti-rocker wheels, which place smaller wheels in the center of the frame and larger wheels on the outside, to help prevent tripping or catching on obstacles. They may also include replaceable parts such as frames, wheels, and grind plates, to allow skaters to customize their skates for their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, aggressive inline skates are a high-performance and specialized type of inline skate that are designed for advanced skaters who want to push the limits of their skills and perform technical tricks and stunts on obstacles. They require a lot of practice and skill to master, but can be a thrilling and rewarding form of inline skating for those who are up to the challenge.

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