Deadbolt Rehabs

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Dont replace your knee pads, rehab them! Deadbolt Rehab foam insert kits feature the same protection, deep knee design and comfort as all the Deadbolt pads. These replacement foam cores fit all Deadbolt pads and most other Knee pads that have removable foam.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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1 review for Deadbolt Rehabs

  1. B Norris

    Activity: park/transition skateboarding. Size: L. My measurements: above kneecap 20″, below kneecap 15″
    Pros: Great price. Strong and secure velcro closure. Great padding. (fell hard on these with no pain) Good fit. Replaceable padding and (in theory) caps.
    Cons: I’d like more side padding. ***The little plastic things that hold the cap to the pad broke on the first hard fall. Now the cap is flopping loose by the remaining two attachments.*** No replacement caps to be found.
    Final verdict: I guess I could just buy a new pair, since the whole set isn’t much more costly than some 187 replacement caps. But it seems a waste. And the new version seems to have the same weak point.

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