Mota TKO Quad Wheels


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The all new Mota TKO wheel is like nothing we have ever seen!  Due to the design of the wheel itself, the traditional durameter rating does not apply. These wheels have a much larger hub than most, creating a light and very reactive wheel. The urethane surface of the wheel is 4mm in the center and 6.5mm on the edges allowing the wheel to roll like a harder wheel but grip like a softer one. The increased size of the hub creates a wheel with the rigidity of an alloy hub and the weight of a nylon hub. This allows for a level of stability and control that has never been available in a 59mm wheel. Combine that with the light weight and this wheel will be a game changer.  

Firm  – Rolls like 93, Grips like 89 – Black
XFirm – Rolls like 95, Grips like 93 – Purple
XXFrim – Rolls like 98, grips like 95 – White

Additional information

Weight 1.10000000 lbs
Dimensions 6.0 × 6.0 × 2.0 in

59mm x 38mm

Mota Wheel Type

TKO Firm Black, TKO XFirm Purple, TKO XXFirm White


1 Year form Manufacturer


4pk, 8pk

Sizing Information


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