Mota Turbine Wheels (4-pack)


Sold in 4 packs. Awesome indoor rink or speed wheels.


Bearings are sold in packs of 16! 1 set of bearings covers 8 wheels!

Skate wheels require 2 bearings per wheel. 16 for skates. 8 for skateboards. Get a bearing tool to remove or install bearings.

Save 25% on tool prices! Choose a Devaskation 3-way tool for working on skates & skateboards. Get a Bankroll Bearing Snatcher to install/remove bearings from wheels.

Most of our wheels are sold in 4 packs. Skates need 8 wheels! Skateboards need 4 wheels! Double-check your wheel quantity. Inline Wheels are typically sold individually.

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The Mota Turbine Wheel is one of the most sophisticated and technologically advance skate wheels intended for speed skaters, roller derby players, fitness skaters, or rink skaters. Mota is one of the most unique and amazing skate brands on the market today and Mota products are developed by world class skaters Doug and Julie Glass. These wheels are made with light weight composite turbine cores and feature highly responsive and long-lasting urethane. With superior handling and stability, these wheels will stand up to your best pushes and highest personal boundaries. Get more from every push with these wheels! The Mota Turbine wheels deliver confident, consistent handling on nearly every indoor surface. The functional lip design delivers extraordinary skating comfort. Wheels are sold in packs of 4.

Features of Mota Turbine Wheels:

  • Superior handling
  • Excellent grip on indoor surfaces
  • Colors are Black, White, and Green
  • 59×38 or 62×41
  • Comes in 3 Hardnesses: 93A, 95A, 97A

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Wheel Size

59MM X 38MM, 62MM x 41MM

Wheel Hardness

93A (Black), 95A (White), 97A (Green)


Black, Green, White

Sizing Information


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