Devaskation Safety (Pads and Helmets) Size Guide and Charts

​Trying to figure out what size safety gear can be stressful and scary. Seriously, how can anyone be comfortable guessing when it comes to their safety? Here at Devaskation, we understand! We want to take all the guesswork out of keeping you safe and give you the peace of mind you’re longing for!

There are so many different brands of pads and helmets out there that it becomes very difficult to determine what size you should order. You may think that they should all be the same, they definitely vary a bit though. Also remember, that pads are never comfortable. If it feels comfortable when you try it on, it’s too big. The only good pads are the ones that stay where they are supposed to. When you first put on your pads, they should be very tight (not cutting off your circulation, just very uncomfortable. This will mean that when they break in over the next few weeks, they don’t end up being too big to protect you. For helmets, they don’t wear in like pads do, they still shouldn’t be super comfortable from the start though. You shouldn’t be able to move it easily when it’s strapped to your head correctly.

A lot of our customers have asked us about the best way to measure themselves for pads. We have made the awesome guides below to taking your measurements as well as a listing of our most popular brands’ sizing charts. Please find the correct size chart for the brand of safety gear you are looking for and follow those sizes for the best fit of that brand. If you have any questions about your size please let our experienced staff help you with finding your size.