Below are the stories submitted for skaters who have been submitted to DevaSkation’s Holiday Skate Giveaway for a Skater in Need.

Hise Hise Baby


I would like to nominate a skater from my league who needs a new pair of
skates. Hise Hise Baby (real name is Brooke Hise) joined the South
Central Roller Girls earlier this year. After using some of our loaner
skates for a bit, she went and bought her own brand new skates and gear.
After only having her new skates for a month, she broke one of them. The
boot tore right off the plate. She took the skates to the store where
she bought them but they told her they couldn’t help her and she’d need
to contact the manufacturer herself. Hise was very upset. At practices,
she used a loaner skate and her other new skate. Then she broke her
other new skate! So only having new skates for about a month they were
both broke. She shipped them both to the manufacturer to get them fixed
or replaced. While they were gone, she continued coming to practices and
using loaner skates. While at a practice, one of the loaner skates broke
while she was skating. Talk about bad luck with skates. Hise is a good
skater and works hard at practices but just has the worst luck with
skates. The manufacturer finally shipped her a brand new pair to replace
her new skates, however, they shipped her a size too small. She decided
just to wear them anyway and try to stretch them out. This girl isn’t
giving up! She rarely misses practice and she always gives it her all.
Hise Hise Baby deserves the Holiday Skate Giveaway.

Hoff the Chain
(Katie Hoff)
South Central Roller Girls
Ada, OK

Heather Hayes

Here is my story:
We are a family of skaters I have two boys (11 and 14) and my husband of
12 years as well as a step daughter (26).
My husband and I meet in 2002 at Cal Skate in Milpitas. I not only fell
in love with my husband I fell in love with skating and I introduced my
son who was three at the time to skating, he also fell in love with it. I
then was introduced to my future step daughter who also had a love for
skating so here we are, a new family all loving to skate . Let’s fast
forward a bit and I became pregnant with our son with whom I skated with
till I was 8 months pregnant and who started skating at just 13 months
old. So now we are a wonderful blended family who all hold the same
passion for skating.
And for years we have all been doing it together (12 years to be exact)…
Now let’s go to February, 28, 2013 (my sons 13th birthday). My husband got
into a motorcycle accident broke pelvis, ankle, hip , and shoulder as
well as suffers now from traumatic brain injury. In April, my son who was
at the time in 7th grade, home schooled himself for the last 2 months of
school to be able to take care of my husband at home while I worked, just
age 13 at the time. My younger son (9 at the time) would take over helping
in the evenings after school they both did all they could to help for
there age they did more then ever was expected.
Now jump to June of 2013. My husband had 5 heart attacks within a 24 hour
period ended up with 2 stents and a balloon in his heart. Again my boys
were there to help
Let’s now jump to Dec 31st New Year eve 2013. We sat at hospital all day
for my husband to have a new surgery done on his pelvis (a fusion to be
exact). Surgery went well or so we thought. 2 days later, January 2nd 2014, I
was told call his family and his pastor as he may not make it through the
night. His liver and a kidney both shut down, to ICU they rushed him….
But he once again pulled through and once again my boys never complained,
not once. They rolled up their sleeves and did what they had to do for
their dad and for me…..And never once asked to go skating because they
knew that their dad couldn’t and we do it as a family or not at all..
Now let’s fast forward to October 2014. Finally my husband has been
cleared to skate at his own ability again, so we took out our skates
dusted them off to find that in almost 2 years both my boys skates they
have out grown….but they continue to suffer small skates to be able to
skate with dad again…
So my husband is a Vietnam War Vet he is definitely a fighter that’s for
sure he has a will to live for his boys he would do anything. …let’s
fast forward one more time December 3 2014 they started my husband on
medicine for his liver he is in stage 3 of the cirrhosis and they are
going to fight to cure it. …
My husband and my boys as well as my daughter have been through so much
this past two years
We have had no birthday parties, no camping trips, no snowboarding trips,
no Christmas, for the last 2 years.
We are fighting disability to become permanent, to be able to have income
for him. I have had to work 3 jobs 116 hours a week just to make ends
meet and again in two years my boys have not once complained.
So I’m writing you this sincere letter to show how big of a heart they
have and how much they deserve a new pair of skates.
I hope you will consider one of them if not both for the new pair.


Heather Hayes

Ms. Horrendous

Hi, my name is Erin Goodman, otherwise known as Ms. Horrendous. A few
years back, I was very unhappy in my relationship w my now ex-boyfriend
and needed something to help me gain confidence in myself. On our
way out west from Tennessee we happened to pass by a roller-derby shop
in Memphis and I thought, “that’s it!!” I looked up teams in Utah and
began skating with the rec team the Red Rockettes. I only skated a few
months at a time because I was only there for the winter season and there
were no teams close enough to me in Tennessee. I loved my team the
winter of 2013 and did not want to leave so I vowed I would spend one
more summer season in Tennessee then move to Utah for good, and be able
to play roller derby ALL YEAR long. I was living out of my car and right
before I moved out to Utah for good, someone broke into my car and stole
everything, including my skateboard, my best shoes and dresses, all my
hoodies and warm underlayers, and my derby duffle bag w all my equipment
in it. I miss roller derby very much, but as I’ve just been reestablished,
I have not been able to afford new gear quite yet. It is a very big part
of my heart and I cannot WAIT until I will be able to do it again, this
time all year round.


Ms. Horrendous.

Eddica Tuttle

I nominate my good friend and soon-to-be teammate, Eddica Tuttle. Eddica
is very new to the derby scene, but we all just know she’ll be darling
at it. Eddica works and interns for the Bureau of Land Management and is
currently working to obtain her Bachelor’s from Colorado Mesa
University. As of now, Eddica skates on rentals from our roller rink,
and borrows gear from whoever she can. Because she is so busy and going
to school, buying gear has become not only a financial burden, but a
general pain in the ass. Eddica deserves a new gear because she’s really
stepping out of her comfort zone to join this sport, and is still
dedicated to learning the game without her own gear.

Alicia Mitchell

Jessica Sorensen

Ladies and Gentlemen of Devaskation,

My name is Georgia on yer Spine (mary-charlotte) and I’m writing to tell you about my great friend, Jessica, in the hopes that you will choose her for your generous gear give away. Jessica Kempen Sorensen is not only one of my best friends, she is a selfless, hilarious, loving, musically talented walking contradiction. She looks big and tough but has a kind word for every single person she meets.

We are both charter members of the Brazos Valley Derby Girls est. 2010 in Bryan, Texas. In the beginning, we all bought what we could afford and knew nothing about equipment brands or quality. Jessica bought $40 skates from the local sports outlet and got low quality pads. After less than a year of skating, Jessica walked away from derby for several reasons: our president was tyrannical and made her and others feel unwelcome, Jessica’s equipment was not substantial enough to protect a person of her size and an upgrade was not financially possible, as well as being swamped finishing her BS at Texas A and M while working full time. Who wants to pay to participate in something in the little free time they have only to be mistreated? Not anyone I know. And that president? She was recently kicked out for embezzlement from our league.

Jessica is the drummer for the all girl punk rock outfit Girl Band. Her arms are covered in tattoos of a tampon rocket ship, a whiskey bottle, and a loaded baked potato, but at her small town high school she was a state representative for the Future Farmers of America (FFA). When in high school, she injured her knee (ACL) in a livestock incident, which sidelined her basketball activities as well. Jessica is about 6’1″ and I would guess around 250lbs. Because of the prior knee injury, her size, and the cost of proper derby equipment to safely outfit her, she has not rejoined our local derby league. She has mentioned to me several times in the last few months that she wants to rejoin, but that she’s financially unable to invest in the gear she necessary to insure optimum safety (leather skates with metal plates, high quality knee pads/gaskets, etc). Her inability to find steady, full time employment has been a blow to her self-esteem and yet another hindrance to her rejoining derby. Jessica has a tendency to feel incredibly selfish if she does anything for herself and she would never ask another person to do it for her. Jess does not live beyond her means and doesn’t waste money on frivolity.

Her recent marriage to her loving, rad hubby, Kevin, has also prompted a renewed effort to be more healthy overall. She quit smoking over a year ago during their engagement, adopted cleaner eating habits, and has tamed her wilder side with regular sleep and a no-party lifestyle outside of Girl Band gigs, of course. 😉

Jessica wants to be more physically active and get her body strong, but feels uncomfortable going to the gym. She wants to rejoin a sport she briefly got to know and fall in love with, but was disillusioned by someone who was supposed to encourage her. Jessica’s love for team sports has a solid foundation in her long history as a basketball player and her ability to compromise with others is evident in her band mate relationships. She is built for derby and will excel with proper equipment. Getting the derby gear she needs would give her the tools necessary to start fresh in 2015 as a member of Brazos Valley Derby Girls. We want her back and she’s needed as we lost skaters due to our former president’s theft. This would not only be a gift to Jess, but to our little farm league as a whole. Help Jessica Kempen Sorensen get what she needs to roll!

Thanks so much for considering my awesome friend. I know there are many deserving ladies and gents so whoever receives this gift will be worthy. Happy holidays!

Georgia #912

Shawnda Howell

Hello , my story is that I’ve recently gotten into derby 4 months ago
and I’m absolutely obsessed!! Very aggressive and not afraid to get hurt
did i mention i am not very graceful… lol
Bought a pair of used Riedell’S all of my gear is shabby and used hey
it works not complaining as long as i can skate … But new skates would
be Awesome really Awesome with poisen wheels hey hey hey !! I would
donate my old

Jenn’s Girlfriend

Hi my name is Jenn, and I’m here to nominate my girlfriend. She’s a
member of a small, but growing woman’s roller derby team. She’s a really
good, competitive skater and is always trying to improve herself.
Unfortunately, in doing so she is wearing out the bottom of her boots
with her wheels. Her elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards combined
have more duct tape on them than the roll itself. We have three
children, so when we get a chance to splurge it’s usually not on
ourselves because kids grow like weeds and they forever need something.
In ending, I’m simply just trying to help her out so she don’t have to
stress about it anymore.

Kitty Belligerent

I’m not 100% sure this is the right email address, but its the only one
I could find on your website, so here goes.

My name isn’t important. I’ll just tell you that I’m a ref for a WFTDA
team. The name I want you to focus on is Kitty Belligerent. I met
Kitty through the junior derby team that our children skate with and
have known her for a couple of years now. In that time I’ve seen her go
through so much loss and watched her fight so hard to come back from it.
Believe me when I say this woman has been to hell and back.

I won’t go into the details of her losses (those are personal, and not
mine to discuss), but I will tell you what I saw. I saw woman
determined to keep going. I saw a mom who sacrificed everything to give
her kids what the need. I saw a friend who still offed others a
shoulder to cry on despite what she was going through herself. I saw a
skater who played with fire in her heart, even when others were trying
to put out her flame.

Kitty is currently without skates. She’s put everything thing she has
into giving her kids what they need, including derby gear of their own.
I know that winning a new pair of skates would mean the world to her and
I can’t think of anyone who deserves some good karma more than she does
right now.

Kitty Belligerent 2

I nominate Kitty Belligerent. She’s a go getter who needs new skates to keep rolling. She has taken up the roller derby in her 30’s and has gained an enormous support network and vital relationships. Not being able to continue would be devastating not only for here but her children as well. Can you imagine how young girls must view their mom who is a derby girl?!? What an example to young girls that they can be tough, get remain active and most importantly forged bonds relationships with other strong independent women. She must keep rolling because her girls are now involved in the derby now too!!! It’s a family affair. Kitty Belligerent would be an excellent choice and a most appreciative and gracious winner/recipient.

Forever a Kitty Belligerent Fan,

SheShe McBride

Drill Brit

I am writing to you to nominate my former teammate, Drill Brit, aka
Brittany Suria but I think her name should be “Little Monster”.
My name is Glambo, and I skate for Collateral Damage Roller Derby
in The Woodlands, TX. I used to skate for Conroe Roller Derby [4]
and that’s where I met Drill Brit. She started out gangly and unsure of
herself- but always gave 100% of her. I have seen her fall in so many
different ways- she is sometimes called “Gumby”! She always bounces back
up with determination on her face, ready to take it on again. I have
seen her take on the biggest monsters on the track, people don’t think
that a 100 pound nothing gal can be intimidating, but I beg to differ!
She is able to slip thru the smallest spaces and get around people, as
well as she can take a big hit from the biggest girl. She always strives
to do better than she did before, and it shows when she is on the track.
She is a monster, always!

More so than that, Drill Brit is a great mom and wife. Her husband is in
the military and has to be away sometimes for long periods of time, I
don’t know how she does it with 4 kids! I like that while she is an
excellent wife and mother, she finds the time to do something for
herself, and that is Roller Derby.

Drill Brit has been skating on the basic skates and wheels that I sold
to her when I upgraded from a fresh meat package to Vanilla Black Outs.
They are terrible skates!!! They are terrible wheels!!! Everyone needs
new pads!! She would improve 100 fold with new skates and wheels, and be
even more intimidating on the track!

I would love for you all to consider her, she is a sweet person who
always has her derby sister’s backs, on and off the track, is a great
role model to her children and an amazing wife. She epitomizes what it
means to be a Roller Girl, she is all heart and fight!

Thank You for taking the time to listen,
Glambo #37

Melody Mendez

I would actually like nominate myself. I fell in love with this sport about a year ago. I am a military wife with two boys,who finds it hard to get a minute to herself.I found my self in love and passionate about roller derby. I use to play water polo and swim before me and my family moved to Virgina.(the life in the military family)
So being part of a team was not first in my list of mom duties. I found roller derby about a year ago. It saved my life. I was depressed for a bit being haves moved from our hometown in California. I missed my family very deeply. But the new relationship and family I found was something much deeper than roller derby. It was finding myself again. The desire and drive that nothing was impossible. I also found out early on that this sport I love so much comes with a big price tag. I take hand me downs from team mates and loner gear.and even thou it’s much appreciated. I would love some. Gear to call my own.
So I hope you pick me if not I am sure someone who well deserves it.


Smac N Cheez

Smac N Cheez, or Makenna Visga, as she is referred to in the non-derby world is the perfect candidate for new equipment. She is a 15 year old junior derby skater from Michigan who is a co captain of her team ( currently 7th place in the world) and was also selected by the JRDA to skate in the all star exhibition game the first week of December 2014 at the Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas Texas. She was on the blue team which ended up winning 199-197 on the last jam of the game. Smac has also attended JuniorCon in Ft Wayne two years ago and in Daytona this last August. Being afforded these great opportunities to skate with the best junior players in the world is a great honor, but also comes at a great cost to her parents with all the travel expenses associated with being on a travel team. With air fair, gas hotel expenses always present, equipment usually takes a back seat. A great skater is only as good as their equipment, and she has done fantastic on what she is using so far, but we believe the sky is the limit if we can get this very talented skater fitted with some new gear!

Scot Kavanaugh.


I would like to nominate Radioactive, aka Lelia Smith.

At 14, Lelia is the oldest child of three in a house of derby skaters.
Her mom is Slingin’ Gritz, a member of the Carolina Roller Girls All
Stars and captain of Team North Carolina. Lelia and her younger two
siblings, Georgia “Kill Her Bee” and Sully “Minion” skate with Raleigh
Junior Rollers, the area’s local junior derby team, and Lelia was
captain for the end of the 2014 season.

She is a phenomenal skater and a great leader on her team. But with
four derby players in the house, and three of them growing kids, they go
through a lot of gear! Also, their mom recently broke her ankle in a
bout and finances have been tight. I know that getting new gear would
help them out tremendously and I can’t think of a more deserving

Thank you for your consideration,
Coach Liz

Kristin Galpin

My name is Kristin Galpin, I am currently a student at Montana State
University,majoring in graphic design. I recently joined Bullhook
Bombshells, a roller derby team created in Havre, MT. I have always
wanted to compete in a roller derby but unfortunately I am having a hard
time affording the needed equipment to play. Most of any money I make
thru work study goes for my medications, rent and other living expenses.
I barely survive on 300.00 a month. It is my dream to be on this team. I
wish for someone to find it in their heart to donate some skates so that
I may fufill my desire to compete in a fun sport. If anyone out there
can help me, I will be much obliged.

Hard Thor

I would like to nominate Chris Caylor, aka Hard Thor. This ex-Marine and
single parent always puts his daughter, bills and other necessities
ahead of his derby gear wish list. Beloved by his league for brutal
blocking and being a stand up team captain, his career has been littered
with borrowed parts and hand-me-down gear, even resulting in his current
pair of skates where each is a different style and size. No amount of
gear mismatch has slowed down his derby career, but it would be nice to
surprise him and outfit him in something held together by more than tape
and sweat.

Hard Thor (4th person from the left) and his team. They surprised him
on his birthday with them all participating in practice wearing flowing

Wreck-It Ruth
(Danny Smith)

GLT-Y’s Friend

Hello, I have an amazing friend who has been playing derby for about 3
years. End of the season her Riddell R3 broke. She has 3 beautiful
little girls and, very little invome to be able to continue with the
sport. Believe me she is amazing at about 4’10 maybe she can drop a 6′
foot girl no problem.
She is truly deserving of something special and, I would be so ever
grateful for you to consider her. She wears a 6. Our team is trying
Craigslist derby recycleables and many other out lets to help her
continue her amazing Derby Journey:) Thank you for your time and,

Thank You
Genene Aka GLT-Y

Baby Lou Tattoo

I would like to nominate Baby Lou Tattoo (Brittany Harrell) for your skate package give away. She is a vet from our league The Ohio Valley Roller Girls that had to retire for a short time but can’t return at this time because she doesn’t have the money for new skates. Her old skates and gear are literally falling apart. She loves derby and needs it in her life. She’s had a really rough year and she’s finally ready to come back after recovering from surgery earlier this year.

Thank you for your consideration.

Amy Roundhouse

I am nominating myself! I am a stay at home mom of two children. I have been playing derby for almost 3 years in skates that have not fit! Until very recently there have not been any skate shops within reasonable driving distance for me to get fitted for skates, so I made my purchases online. My first and second sets of skates were both a size too big. I conferred with someone at a skate site, explained my issue, sent in foot measurements for custom Antiks, and they ended up being a size too SMALL! I have been in these too small skates for over a year. My toenails keep falling off and I have foot pain often, but I can’t currently afford new skates. I would love to win the skate package! I was fitted for Luiginos at Charleston playoffs and LOVED the way they fit!

-Amy Roundhouse

Amanda Rae

I would like to nominate my dear friend Amanda Rae!

I met Amanda few years ago via our now mutual best friend. She was/is a very young mom. When our mutual bestie got her to join the Gorge Roller Girls I was honored to see the change that I have only seen derby provide women: strength, courage, determination and confidence!

Two years ago, I flew home from from Amsterdam and hung out with Amanda the night before her first bout, another 3 hours away, ugg. She said to me: I don’t want to do it, I am scared, I can’t do it, etc. I said, I did not come all this way for nothing. Now go to bed and get your ass to that bout! Five minutes in, she was yelling and blocking like a beast. A whole new person…IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Freakin’ Awesome! Inspired me to skate

Then she quit… we were sad.

Well, she is back skating, IN THE SAME SKATES, ditched the horrible POS drunk father(sorry Manda just so proud of you), works in a coffee shop and supports a daughter ALONE! All of this and under the age of 30 and gets her ass to practice. I think she is also trying to start one of those college education things.

Seriously, I am 40, just had a baby, have a supportive dude and I have no clue, NO CLUE, how she does it…?!!!

We all love her and are very proud of her(crying as i write). Inspires me every day to keep on, keeping’ on!

Please nominate our Amanda Rae from GRG!
We love her!

Thank you!


My daughter is seventeen years old, soon to be eighteen. Her name is
Skylar Bean, and though she is not currently in roller derby, she wishes
for her derby name to be Scabrous! She wants nothing more than to join
roller derby, I feel awful that I cannot afford to buy her the gear
needed for her to be able to join, but I just can’t as I am unemployed.
She works at McDonald’s part-time and she also volunteers part-time at
one of the local animal shelters, but with everything she still needs to
pay for that is more necessary than her gear, she is unable to save the
money. She helps me with bills, she helps me to buy groceries, she helps
me with anything she can. It is a big responsibility for a seventeen
year old girl, she needs to be able to do some things she wants to do. I
believe she deserves to get this skate package/gear so that she can be a
little closer to living her dream! She is very passionate about roller
derby and tells everyone who will listen about it. I do my best to help
her stay involved with the local leagues but again, I would love for her
to be able to play and to be sitting in the crowd rooting for her!

Thank you for your consideration, and please help my daughter live her

Amelia No Heart

I’d like to nominate Amelia No Heart of the Old Capitol City Roller Girls. Not only is Amelia a dedicated skater for this league (as well as its Interleague Coordinator), she serves as head coach for the junior league my husband and I started in June 2014, the I.C. Bruisers. The skaters on the junior league, aged 6-15, call her Coach No Heart, but the name is as ironic as they come. Amelia’s passion for derby is infectious, and she gives tirelessly to both leagues, despite a very busy schedule as a social worker for the local school district and volunteer/participant in several local organizations. She is truly a “Jill of all trades” – she doesn’t miss a beat. Even when her skate gear was stolen this year, she simply borrowed gear from everyone around her and came to practice for both, the adult league she’s a member of and the juniors’ league. Skaters young and old love her, and for good reason. She is cheerful, witty, and always focused on being her best, and encouraging others to be their best.

You will not find a more deserving skater than Amelia No Heart.

Veronica Ferreira
“Madame Paperwork”
Administrator, I.C. Bruisers

Carrie Wright

I would like to nominate my sister, Carrie Wright, for this contest.

My sister is the mother of 3 children and her husband works in the auto
industry. This means that with all of the must haves of the children
and the layoffs that go hand in hand with a spouse working in Michigan’s
auto industry, new gear is always the last thing on the list.

Carrie just passed her skills test this past October. She came to the
sport after watching me and my team bout against her now home league. I
think it was love at first sight. Derby is the one thing that she carves
out for herself in a very long time.

Carrie has done all of her training in used/borrowed equipment in
various states of “gently” used condition (we all know what gently used
means in derby). I would love to see her in gear of her very own.

Thank you for considering my sister for this contest.

Dawn Marone

Sergeant Shutdown

I want to nominate Lindsay Bzare (Sergeant Shutdown). She
recently transferred to our team and during our first tournament with
her skating with us broke her skates. She’s a single parent on active
duty in the army and derby is the only thing she does for herself.
Jennifer Flanagan


Hello. My name is Kerri. My mom, Tonya deserves and really could use

Before we moved to PA she was actively participating in derby. But now
that we’re in Pennsylvania, she has quit doing what she loves. She works
rotating swing shift and has not skated since July 2010. She has some of
her gear leftover but this would be an amazing birthday present for her.

As I mentioned as I before, she works a lot. She’s raised us on her own
with little to no help from our dad. She works 7 days straight.she does
everything possible to make sure all of us, including my son, have what
we need and most if what we want. She takes and keeps nothing for
herself. She is very giving and has given us the best she can and we’d
like to give back to her.

Please consider her for the package.


Kerri, Preston, and Ethan Luman


Hi, I would like to nominate myself…
I started derby in 2011. I was 300 pounds and didn’t know how to skate
at all. Please read this magazine article written about me last year to
see my journey.

Anyways, after reading this, you will see I am now down 125 pounds. I am
still fully active in roller derby, although a new team due to
relocating this year, I am now with Atomic City Roller Girls out of
Kennewick, WA. Losing all the weight has made me have to constantly buy
new gear, so that it fits…well im at that point again where nothing
fits, as well as my skates ( I have now lost an entire shoe size along
with my weight loss!!) As you know, these items are quite expensive and
I am at a point where I cannot replace anything, so I am jimmy rigging
my gear so that I can continue and be “somewhat safe” with what I

Please consider me for your amazing giveaway!

Thank you!

Windy Welch
LunaTick #5150

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