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Radar Wheels

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Radar Backpack
Get your hands on the brand new 2017 Radar Backpack! This bag is big enough for your skates and..
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Radar Donut Wheels
Mmmmmmmm...Donut Wheels! Who doesn't love a good donut? Radar's new Donut Wheels are an edible ..
Radar Energy Wheels
Radar Energy Wheels are a great wheel for skating outdoors. The three sizes available are 57mm x 31m..
Radar Energy Wheels and Bearings Package
Convert your skates to outdoor rollers with this Radar Energy wheels and bearing package! You choose..
Radar Halo Wheels
The Radar Halo is a brand new high-end wheel for derby. The Halo is a culmination of nearly 2 years ..
Radar Halo Wheels and Bearings Bundle
The Radar Halo and Bearings Bundle is an awesome way to get a new set of wheels and bearings at..
Radar Pop Wheels
Radar Pop Wheels are a great combination of grip speed and stability The new USA made Radar Pop whee..
Radar Presto and Reds Bearings Package
Disappear as quick as magic when you upgrade your skates' speed with a set of these Radar Presto whe..
Radar Presto Wheels
Radar's newest WFTA wheel the Presto is hit the market with a BANG! Featuring its all-new Tiger..
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Radar Quad Wheel Bag
The Radar Quad Wheel Bag is a great accessory to have in your bag when traveling. They make it easy ..
Radar Riva Wheels
The Radar RIva Wheels are a great indoor wheel measuring in at a 96A. These are great for coated sur..
Radar Riva Wheels and Bearings Package
This package deal is great for artistic skaters looking to upgrade their skates with some hard indoo..
Radar Sonar Zen Wheels
The Sonar Zen wheel by Radar is an inexpensive wheel used mostly for skating outdoors. This whe..
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Radar Sonar Zen Wheels and Rollerbones Bearing Combo
Get your Radar Sonar Zen wheels with a great set of Rollerbones bearings to get your skates rea..
$70.00 $65.00
Radar Speed Ray
The Turquois colored Radar Speed Ray is available in 62mm x 43mm.  This wheel is the ..
Radar Swirlz Wheels
 The Radar Swirlz wheels are becoming very popular at the rinks. They are made by mixing two di..
Radar Tile Biters
Created for slippier sport court, the Radar Tile Biters are great for sport courts, indoor coated su..
Radar Tofu Wheels
The Tofu Wheel is made with Ecothane, a formula that replaces part of the petroleum based urethane w..
Radar Travel Rolling Gear Bag
As if the Radar Travel Rolling Gear Bag wasn't awesome enough...it has been newly designed for 2017 ..
Radar Varsity Plus Wheels
The Radar Varsity Plus Wheels are the only wheel made by Radar that is a slim wheel with a metal cor..
Radar Varsity Wheels
The Varsity wheel from Radar is a great artistic skating wheel. It is a 98A making is easier to slid..
Radar Villain Wheels
Radar Villain Wheels register at a 84A hardness, and are great for any surface. The soft wheel ..
Radar Wheelie Bag - New Colors!
The Radar Wheelie Bag can store up to eight of most quad wheels. This bag is made out of durable nyl..
Sonar Bracer Hybrid Wheels
Sonar Bracer hybrid wheels are the perfect wheels for skaters who need a little more grip on slipper..
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Sonar Demon EDM Wheels
The updated Sonar Demon EDM is a great recreational wheel for speed, jam, and session skaters. Avail..
Sonar Patriot Wheels
Show off your patriotism with the new Sonar Patriot Wheels! These are great rink wheels for all arou..
Sonar Striker Speed Skate Wheels
The Sonar Striker by Riedell is an all new wheel designed for beginner and intermediate derby player..
Radar Equipment Bag
This bag has been replaced with the Radar Travel Rolling Gear Bag! The Radar Equipment bag is a g..



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