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SISU 1st Gen Mouth Guard
SISU 1st Gen Mouth Guard

SISU 1st Gen Mouth Guard

Brand: Sisu
Product Code: SISU1stGen
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The SISU Aero (1.6) Ultralight Adult Mouth Guard is perfect for a sport like Roller Derby where communication, comfort, and protection are key. The SISU Aero is made from a high-tech thermoplastic material that provides 30% better protection than conventional mouth guards, despite being only a sleek 1.6mm thick (that's over 60% thinner for Maximum Comfort)! Compared to the larger mouth guards that require you to take out in order to talk, drink ,etc the Sisu is only 1.6mm thick and hugs your teeth allowing you to speak clearly, drink normally and much more. 

Made in the USA - BPA, Latex, PVC, and Phthalate free.

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SISU Mouth Guard Case

SISU Mouth Guard Case

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You already have an awesome SISU mouth guard, now you can keep your mouth guard clean and safe with the SISU Mouth Guard Case. 

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