Atom Mirage – Super High Rebound Wheels (6-Pack)


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Experience the ultimate fusion of elasticity and shock absorption with Atom Protege High Rebound Wheels. Crafted to perfection with a hardness of 87A, these wheels redefine your skating journey, ensuring unmatched resilience and durability on every roll.

Key Features That Set Atom Protege Wheels Apart:

Perfect Elasticity: Get ready for an exhilarating ride with wheels that effortlessly combine elasticity and rebound. Atom Protege High Rebound Wheels offer the ideal balance, providing you with superior energy return and an unbeatable skating experience.

Shock Absorption Mastery: Take on any terrain with confidence. These wheels boast exceptional shock absorption capabilities, minimizing impact and vibration during your skating sessions. Enjoy smoother rides and increased comfort, even on uneven surfaces.

Unyielding Polyurethane: Elevate your skating game with wheels crafted from strongly bonded Polyurethane. This premium material not only enhances tear strength but also ensures remarkable durability, so you can conquer the streets and skatepark features with unwavering confidence.

Unleash Your Potential: Atom Protege High Rebound Wheels are designed to empower your skating prowess. With their 87A hardness, they offer the perfect blend of grip and slide, allowing you to execute tricks, turns, and maneuvers with precision and control.

Built to Last: Say goodbye to frequent replacements. Atom Protege Wheels are engineered for longevity, ensuring they withstand the rigors of intense skating sessions. Whether you’re practicing tricks or cruising along, these wheels are your dependable companion.

Upgrade your skating gear with Atom Protege High Rebound Wheels and experience a whole new level of performance and excitement. These wheels are more than just a component – they’re your ticket to pushing boundaries, mastering tricks, and embracing the thrill of skating like never before.

Embark on a journey of resilience, control, and exhilaration. Make Atom Protege High Rebound Wheels an essential part of your skating arsenal and unlock the true potential of your skating adventures. Get your set today and let the wheels redefine what’s possible on the pavement!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Wheel Color

Cloud White, Smoke Black, Teal Sky

Wheel Size

59mm, 68mm, 72mm

Wheel Hardness


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  • This company did a great job imo. My order was here fast, everything i was expecting, and free shipping too! Not to mention, their website is the only place i found that was helpful in selecting bearings for my skates. Excellent job!

    Matt Hollen Avatar Matt Hollen
    December 15, 2022

    I'm super new to skating so I ordered some new wheels from here. Jen was so nice to call to let me know the wheels may take a few extra days to come in, and even offered another option for me in case I didn't want to wait. Really appreciate customer service like this thank you

    Hillary Roland Avatar Hillary Roland
    January 15, 2021
  • I very rarely leave reviews for businesses, but I really was impressed by the level of customer service I received. I wanted to make some modifications to an online order I made over the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised that a person answered the phone. Jen, the rep I spoke to, was super sweet and immensely helpful! She went above and beyond making sure I had exactly what I needed. Now all there is to do is wait for my order!

    Old Gold Avatar Old Gold
    January 15, 2021

    Great shop! Found an awesome deal on some wheels for my inline skates. Super fast shipping, great customer service! A+

    Joshy Fresh Avatar Joshy Fresh
    May 30, 2023
  • Amazing prices and super fast delivery

    James King Avatar James King
    November 15, 2022

    I shop here often and highly recommend you do the same. The customer service is top notch. Recently, I ordered some bearings along with wheels and a skate tool. I was contacted by Dan who informed me that the bearings I had ordered were out of stock but he upgraded my order and even threw in some goodies for free. Very professional and very helpful. I will continue to give these guys my business and recommend them to my friends. Thanks Dan!

    drummerwes81 Avatar drummerwes81
    August 21, 2021
  • Super fast shipping, competitive prices and all the sweet gear.

    Clyde Jones Avatar Clyde Jones
    September 10, 2023

    Recently I ordered here nice slalom blades and I was mistaken with the size, but Devastation team changed it and sent me again the same blades of bigger size , everything was fast and reliable, good answers to all my questions, excellent service! I’m so glad I’ve found this shop, now I’m happy blader!

    Julia R Avatar Julia R
    January 15, 2022
  • I Love this shop!! The shop owner helped me pick out skates for my granddaughter's birthday gift. I ended up buying skates for myself. 😉 I totally recommend this skate shop to everyone. (cake by my coworker #Corrina) ~Mamatpp

    Teresa MamaT Avatar Teresa MamaT
    July 27, 2018

    I ordered Impala Marawa skates for myself last Christmas. These skates are so durable! But let me say that Deveskation has earned me as a customer for life. The skates were in within a week, I have had no issues with them at all.

    Stevens Kim Avatar Stevens Kim
    January 15, 2021