Custom Outdoor Quad Skate – Riedell R3 / Energy, Jackson, and More!



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Remember Devaskation’s “Outdoor Energy” Skate specifically made for pavement and sidewalks?  Well, this is the updated version!  Outdoor skating has exploded in the past few years! We get so many requests, we’ve decided to offer our customers a custom solution for sidewalk skating.  Devaskation understands that skates are unique to the person wearing them. We know that you’re looking for skates that are made for you and built with a set of components for your specific outdoor skating needs. We’ve made this Custom Outdoor Skate builder for skaters like you. Build your skate with high quality components in mind and you’ll end up with the best skate money can buy! All of the components and options available here work together to ensure you get the best skate. Every manufacturer is different has each as its own strengths, but none hold all of the power. So, take your time and do your research on the components offered. Then when you’re ready, select the components for your ultimate sidewalk or pavement skating experience.

Devaskation Recommended Outdoor “Energy” Skate Setup Includes:

  • Riedell R3 Boot w/ Thrust Plate
  • Bankroll Ceramic Bearings
  • Bionic Bigfoot Toe Stop
  • Bankroll X4, Atom Pulse or Crazy Candy Wheels
  • Devaskation Laces

Note On Custom Outdoor Skates:

Keep in mind that all of the components work together regardless of which options you choose. Therefore, don’t be concerned if you’re confused about a specific component or option — you can’t make a mistake! Every component on the list is high quality and comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. To be quite honest, you could blindly choose options and end up with an amazing outdoor skate!

Every component of your skates needs to be sourced and then the skate needs to be built to your specifications.  This may take 7-10 days (or longer if your boot is custom).  We ask that you be patient while we build the skates. We will keep you updated every step of the way and we will ship the skates as soon as we get it built and ready for skating. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Custom Outdoor Skate Options:

  • Choose a Boot and Plate Combination
  • Choose Wheels and Bearings
  • Choose Toe Stop
  • Choose Lace Color
  • Choose Lock-Nut Color

Brand Options:

  • Mota
  • Atom
  • BankRoll
  • Bionic
  • Pilot
  • Riedell
  • Radar
  • Luminous
  • Antik
  • Powerdyne and more!

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

All components come with a 1-year warrant from the manufacturer.

Boot/Plate Choice

Mota Mojo Tek / Boss NXT, Riedell R3 / Powerdyne Thrust, Jackson Vantage / Viper Nylon, Jackson Rave Black / Viper Nylon

Skate Size Full Half

Size 1, Size 2 , Size 3, Size 4, Size 4.5, Size 5 , Size 5.5, Size 6, Size 6.5, Size 7, Size 7.5, Size 8, Size 8.5, Size 9, Size 9.5, Size 10, Size 10.5, Size 11, Size 11.5, Size 12, Size 13 , Size 14

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